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What option should I choose? Profraction? and want some opinions on my progress!

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My Background:

-I'm asian

-I'm light skinned, but never tanned or burned easily. but after accutane, i burn easily. So i dont know what skin type I am.

-used to have oily skin, now i think my skin is normal. not try or oily after accutane. but if anything, I would say im on the oily side.

-Had acne since around 12-13.

-Finally went on accutane during second half of age 20 right up to my 21 birthday. I took 6 months. 20mg, 30mg, went up to 40mg for the last 3 months i believe.

-Throughout accutane still got acne throughout treatment. only maybe 1 a month though, but still. most people dont have anymore after month 2 or 3. :( so i guess im pretty severe.

-Now using topical cream atralin (tretonin 0.05%). I dont see a difference at all...though its only been 1 month, i thought i would see some results...but none.

I really want to get rid of my acne scarring. would LOVE eggshell flawless skin. I don't care that im a guy. i want it to be as flawless as possible. i have noticed that it affects my confidence a LOT.

I have attached photos of me today. after 6 months of accutane and 1 month of atralin. this is also after i just got a facial yesterday.

I'm told to just enjoy my skin and that the scars will look better once the redness goes away..but that it may take a year for the red spots to go away. is this true?

I think profraction would be the best way to go for me especially since im asian...right? will this work? will this help my scars? can it get rid of all of it? how long should i wait after accutane to get profraction? i've heard 6 months is enough but one year to be safe...but most people say one year for dermabrasion, which is way harsher......so is 6 months enough for profraction?

What "type" of skin would you say I have? type I type II etc.





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Since you're asian you have higher than type I or II. You are at a higher risk for pigment problems with laser.

I hope some other asian people come along and answer your question, bc I know nothing about the laser you mentioned. I know you have to be really careful though. Dermabrasion is a no-no for you.

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from my own experience dont do fraxel on it =/. fraxel has really bad effects on asian skin. weak setting is fine but high setting will mess your skin up big time

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When i looked at your photos it was like looking at my own skin, i mean you have the exact same scaring as me but im very fair and irish. I think you should wait a bit maybe and year too let your skin get to where its going to stay, then look into laser or maybe peels/cross treatments. Your skin is still changing and its best to let it settle in before doing something, I know its hard and you sound like your having a hard time facing the world but trust me your skin looks way worse to you than it does to everyone else, trust me. Another reason you should wait is with most scar treatments you would of had to be off accutane for a year, so wait a year and your have more options for your scars, maybe better option than you ave now. I personally have not had any good results with any of the laser treatments and in fact its made my skin worse, alot of others say the same thing. I dont know anything about the laser your talking about though, just be carefull with your doc choice, even a nice doc can mess up sometimes.

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