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90% clear. I can live like this (Combination of habits).

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Read the parts that you are interested to... I have some other post that said that I was clear, but it was the effects of accutane that were still in my system.

Some background:

22 years old, half asian, tropical country, really bad skin family, oily (dehydrated) skin, maybe some facial hyperhidrosis, also I have what I call "seborrhoeic dermatitis prone skin" and obviously acne prone skin.

My journey:

3 times on accutane:

First time cured me during the dosis.

2nd time suspended: severe nose bleeding, some liver damage.

3rd time, minimun dose, suspended: some liver damage again x_____X

My derm used to prescribe me:

Peelings + harsh products (BP and others) + antibiotics = freaking dehydrated oily skin + seborrhoeic dermatitis + really bad acne + candida.

3rd time on accutane cured my dermatitis.

Candida was cured on diet (no sugar, no carbohydrates for a while).

Freaking oily skin was controlled thanks to "my personal Oil Cleansing Method". Now it is oily, but with some blotting tissues it is acceptable.

What I know:

I used to be a binge eater... The more I eat the more pimples I get.

Eat bad = acne.

Too much harsh products = dehydrated skin = acne.

Hard water + hot water = dehydrated oily skin => acne and maybe dermatitis.

10g on acid pantothenic help me a loooooot. But it was too much dosis, so I quit it.

Antibiotics used to cured me.

I can't use any moisturizer/sun block. It itch, burn, tickles too much. Maybe due to my dehydrated sensitive skin.

What I tryed and didn't work for acne:

Dan's regimen (BP). It help a little but it dehydrated my skin too much.

Low carb diet, no sugar.

Alkaline diet.

"Water only" wash regimen = horrible seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Omega 3.

A lot more that I can't remember.

What I'm doing:

Started 6 month ago.

Important: low fat diet

Low sugar diet.

Eating healthy (or trying).

No breakfast (I knoooow, this is baaad, but when I eat less I don't get pimples. Maybe I should call it acnerexia).

Try to eat only 2 times a day (no snacks).

3x500mg pantothenic acid suplement.

A lot of green tea (pantothenic acid theory => helps controlling hormones?).

Wash 3 times a day.

Some blotting tissues for oily skin.

No topical products.

How I am now:

90% clear.

No pustules.

Sometimes I get some tiny whiteheads that fade fast.

Oily skin, but aceptable.

Sometimes I get a pimple because my chinese family eat really bad :S

Skinny T____T

What I can do now:

Get drunk a looot xD. Sometimes a get some pimples the next days, but they fade fast.

Some days I didn't sleep at night (party or busy) and it didn't affect me too much.

Some days I go to sleep at night without washing my face at all and nothing happens (next morning really oily xD)

I am addicted to carbohydrates, so I eat them a lot.

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I have a question even though it's kinda off topic. When you followed a low carb diet to cure candida, did you take any antifungals or probiotics? I figured it won't be too hard to kick this since the only thing that was causing it was my antibiotics and birth control + mass sugar binges. I stopped the antibiotics and birth control though and am doing the very low carb diet but it seems like this is still going to be very hard.

I have a question though. Do you get more acne from eating or do you get acne from eating often? If you only eat 2 meals a day you must eat a lot at these meals to keep yourself alive obviously (unless you are anorexic!) so I don't understand why it would mess up your skin to eat the same amount and spread it out more so you can have breakfast & snacks. I wouldn't know though, you know yourself better than I do.

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I was on a really 0 sugar, very low carb diet for a while, even thought the candida wasn't the cause of my acne some other symptons go away.

I don't know why, but I use to get pimples when I eat often, so I can eat a lot the only 2 times that I can. Maybe I will do some experiments on myself later.

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I'm sorry about the silliness, I'm just too much bored. I always dreamed about one day post my before-after pictures in this forum... This forum help me so much ^____^ thanks to all of you, I know that maybe I will not have perfect skin, but I can live like this.


Before (I was worst worst than this picture, in here I didn't had seborreic dermatitis that destroy my face)


Now. I know that the quality of the photo is not the best.

Stupid scars and redmarks T____T

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I hope you respond to all the threads and posts saying the side effects of Accutane are overrated and even that it always works. The side effects are never overrated to those that suffer from them. And it doesn't always work. Which i would think was obvious from all the posts by people taking it for the third, fourth, fifth time.

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for dehydrated skin, your skin is lacking lipids. try a cream with niacinamide because niacinamide stimulates ceramides, and fatty acids in the skin that help skin naturally trap the water in the skin.

some products include: olay regenerist, total effects, and definity lines; nia 24 moisturizers; um...you can make your own but only get 100% pure niacinamide powder either from vitamin shoppe or online and mix it with nothing but water, aloe vera gel or juice...you can look up recipes online

also you can take flaxseed oil because i read on pubmed that it helps reduce tewl by 10%! that's awesome!

also drink green drinks because lutein supposedly helps with skin hydration but i took lutein for a while and i didn't notice a difference but being healthy can help, i'm sure of it.

and dont use any harsh acne products. just try building up your skin's barrier for now. acne products can come lady just trudge through it until the acne subsides EASIER SAID THAN DONE I KNOW!

also lactic acid stimulates ceramide biosynthesis

and i think a nice ratio of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol can have an immediate therapeutic affect on the skin and i think it may also stimulate ceramide synthesis but i also read that some things may hender the skin from healing itself and you may start to rely on that moisturizer...idk how true that is but i guesso... i know i read a trial that petroleum jelly did hender the skin from healing itself; one product that has the right ratios is something by osmotics and it's called extreme barrier repair; it used to be called triceram what they made but thats been discontinued...

what else...oH use the niacinamide products for only a small period of time until your skin heals because i read online that it can be pro aging or may stop an enzyme that fights aging from working its call sirtuin 1. so dont use it forever....just until your skin heals and i am sure with time, God willing, new things will come up in the future to help heal dehydrated skin

:) don't give up my friend....i have battled this for a few years now and only recently i started using niacinamide and it has helped my face tremendously...what had an immediate helpful affect on my skin was linoleic acid stuff like grapeseed oil. it helped immediately but linoleic acid goes rancid quickly so it was hard to keep up with the grapeseed oill...so yeah u could try that but it needs to be consistently placed on your face for i guess real changes to take place but once it goes rancid it can cause acne and you dont want that

definity is a line i want to try next because it has glucosamine in it which can help with dark marks and also stimulates hyaluronic acid production in the skin.

i hope this was all helpful... :) God bless you!

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