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I never thought I'd be posting this...clear skin :D

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Hi everyone

I haven't been on here for so long now, and that's because accutane finally worked for me :)

I just wanted to give some of the other long-time acne sufferers some hope, because it took me 3 cycles to get clear!

I weigh 50kg and in 2007/2008 did 5 months of 40mg...never got 100% clear

Then in 2008 did 4 months of 40mg...got clear but it didn't last long

Then starting last March did one month at 40mg and 7 months at 50mg...finished last October and am still clear - just the odd spot :D I have also been off of Diantette for over 2 months and no problems. My skin is back to being super oily now but still no acne :dance:

Hang in there if it seems like this won't work for you - I thought that too for so long!

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There might be...but I don't mind being oily if I don't have the acne to go with it! I now just use duac which is meant to help with oil i think but i'm not really convinced that it does.

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Lora, congratulations on your success! It's great to hear that you're efforts were not wasted and well worth it. I bet life is much better now without acne! :)
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Yes it's fab, I don't look in the mirror first thing every morning worrying what my face will look like now :) Good luck to everyone who is on accutane at the moment, I hope you are all clear soon :) I guess I should post this in the positive accutane experiences thread actually, I will do that later!

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My skin never got too dry on accutane...I'd say that my lips and skin had lost any dryness within a few weeks. My skin got gradually oiler again over maybe the next 2 months and more so again when I came off Dianette almost 6 months after finishing the accutane. Now I tend to just get the odd spot throughout the month and maybe a few more (small) ones at certain points in my monthly cycle.

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Lora, a couple questions for you:

1. what was your acne like when you started accutane (cysts, whiteheads, moderate, mild, severe....)

2. when you went back for round 2, had your acne come back to the same level it was before your first round?

3. when you went for round 3, had it come back as bad as before round 2?

I have to say it freaks me out reading posts like this cause I'm on my second month and I can't imagine having to do three whole courses to get clear

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