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Neo/Poly-Sporin, Moisturizer Questions

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Hey guys,

Like most if not all of you here, I too suffer from mild-moderate acne and PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation aka Red/Dark marks).

I can honestly say that both my actual acne and PIH aren't too bad, but it's still enough to lower my self-esteem.

So my first question- I've heard that putting Neosporin or Polysporin on your marks will help fade them. Is this true?

And for my second- Does moisturizer have anything to do with fading marks? Kind of a weird question, but thought I'd ask.

And I guess I'll stick this in here too: what easily-obtainable / over-the-counter creams/medicine have you used and have worked well on your marks?


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Neosporin definitely works. I put on dabs 2-3x a day when I am at home, and then when I'm out I use it at night. Moisturizer helps because it repairs the damaged skin and smoothes it out as well. I suggest investing in a good moisturizer, they make a big difference. The last thing I swear by is argan oil. As a moisturizer sometimes, and also added in to your reg. moisturizer :)

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I wouldn't suggest using any type of antibiotic on your face just for red marks. You could easily become resistant to it and then it wouldn't work when you really need it.

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Wouldn't it work differently on PIH than other things? It's a closed wound.

Bacteria lives on and in your skin. Antibiotic creams can penetrate into the skin and affect bacteria there as well as on the surface.

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