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I just finished my first month of accutane, 40 mg. For this month, my doctor bumped me up to 60 mg and she wrote the prescription as "take 1 40 mg/day and 1 20/mg a day." When I went to pick it up at the pharmacy, they would only give me the box of 40 mg and not the box of 20 mg because they said I can only have one prescription at a time. Apparently ipledge wouldn't approve the second box. Why? Lots of people are on higher doses than 40 mg, so why am I having trouble with it? My doctor didn't write 2 separate prescriptions, it was all on the same paper. The pharmacist even called the ipledge hotline and put it on speaker and when he tried to enter the second box, it said "This patient already has a filled prescription. If you want to change the dosage, please void the filled prescription." Did the pharmacy make a mistake? Did my doctor make a mistake with ipledge? I know I have to call my doctor in the morning, but I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else. I picked up the box of 40 mg but I'm wishing I'd just told them to unfill it and started over because now I really doubt I'll be able to get the other box and I will have to be on 40 mg for another month. I hate the person who came up with ipledge.... it's such a hassle and I don't feel like it really does anything to prevent pregnancy since girls can easily just lie about what kind of birth control they're using.

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