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Beriberi's journey to acne-free

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Hi everyone!

My name is Beriberi and I'm a 26 year old Southeast Asian living in Thailand.

In April this year, my acne came back (I had acne before when I was in college) - pustules, papules, whiteheads attacked my left and right cheek, temples and my forehead.

Since then, not only I went back to my old routine (which helped cleared my acne), but I also tried numerous other things from topical treatments such as Benzac and natural treatments such as ice, tomato and lemon treatment. For my diet, I cut down on eggs, cheese and noodles as well.

The current regime that I am faithfully doing is this:


1. Wash face with papaya soap.

2. Air-dry my face (do not use handkerchief/towel/etc to avoid bacteria contamination)

3. Pat face all over with Eskinol Classic (that has the powder of Dalacin C antibiotic) and spot pimple individually after with the same treatment


1. Wash face with papaya soap.

2. Air-dry my face.

3. Pat face all over with Eskinol Classic (that has the powder of Dalacin C antibiotic) and spot pimple individually after with the same treatment

4. Air-dry my face

5. Put a handsome amount of Benzac on pimples only.

6. Put lemon on hyperpigmentation (redness and brownness left by pimples)


1. Take 1 tablet of Mega Care Fish Oil (1000 mg) 1x a day.

2. Take 1 tablet of Redoxon Vit C Chewable (500 mg) 1x a day.

3. Lessen down intake on eggs, cheese, milk and noodles.

4. Incorporate almonds and granola.

5. Food consists of whole wheat bread, butter, homemade peanut butter, green leafy vegetables, and broccoli. When cook, I use extra light olive oil.

It has been 2 months and my current assessment is as below:

1. Benzac (benzoyl peroxide 5%) works wonderfully and effectively in killing pimples (whatever types...whiteheads right through pustules). The trick is to spot treat a handsome amount right over the pimple itself (so covering the whole head). I had 1 huge pustule last Thursday and has spot treated it since then. Today is Sunday and the head of the pustule has 'fallen off'.

2. Lemon really helps to lessen down redness that is left by pimples. However, it takes time (a gradual process) but I would say I could notice the difference in less than a month. What I do is I squeeze 1 lemon, pour the juice into a small bottle and keep it in the fridge. When I put it on my marks, I will gently rub on the mark in a circular motion for 2 minutes then leave it for the rest of the night. The circular motion is supposedly help to get rid of dead skin cells on top, so that new cells can grow and heal. I notice that 2 particular red marks on my right cheek and temple has lightened up, and some brown spots along the jawline and chin gets lighter.

I plan to update either weekly or once in 2 weeks with pictures, so that I can keep track on the recovery of my acne. I attached 3 pictures (left and right cheek and temple) that I took about 2 hours ago.

I've been lurking around this website as well, and some of the suggestions were very helpful to me. So I want to 'give back' - whatever information that I have that can assist, I'll be more than happy to do that.

I know how you, an acne sufferer feels - your spirits are dampened, you avoid functions as much as possible and you get very sad when someone (whom hasn't seen you for a long time) comes to you and say, "What happened to your face?!". You are not alone.

What helps me to survive so far is to look less into the mirror (I limit myself to only at night, inside my room) and to turn on only yellow lights in my pad (makes the acne on the face look tolerable rather in-your-face-redness with the horrible white lights that they have in hypermarkets).

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to help you.

On to my journey to acne-free!








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