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My body acne (pics included)

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I have had acne since about my freshman year in high school... I remember people in 8th grade started getting it while I was still smooth-skinned 100% clear. I would even think in my head "I'm so lucky I'm not an acne sufferer..." well in 9th grade i lifted up my bangs and had unholy forehead acne you have probably seen in those crazy pictures. I went into a crazy deal about fixing this and began scrubbing and going hardcore on my face with soap and a rag... at first, i thought this was the solution... after a while, my face got better looking. Sweet awesome. Got a girlfriend that summer with minor acne. blah blah. Pretty awesome. Then one day i looked at my back and WOW just wow... intense acne... hardcore stuff. so i began to do the same thing, scrub with soap and a rag... eventually i upgraded to Dove soap with moisturizer... Results got better... Still it was pretty bad... Now at this point I started using typical topicals... namely neutrogena's body washes... After that harbored no success, I went to my doctor who perscribed a BP body wash plus a gentle cleanser and an antibiotic pill... absolutely no results... moved on to pads. No success... Now, I moved to Proactiv as a call for help. Amazingly, it did wonders for my face... body still lacking. Felt good bein clear on the face! Really boosted my confidence especially when I changed schools... well like a week after moving into that school my body and face started to burn and get inflamed... I was shocked and taken aback... I halted using proactiv and the immense itching and inflamation vanished.... Yet my acne was back... just not as bad... There was nothing I could do, man. The thing that finally worked had failed for me. At this point I'd only had back acne... but 3 weeks ago, my chest broke out pretty bad and I've never felt worse about it. I started using that Gold Bond powder that was on here and had nice results... even went swimming with a girl.. but Gold Bond failed eventually... it halted at a certain point and ceased to work after that. Now, I'm dead out of options. I'm a senior in high school now and I'm resorting to dove soap and rags again... What else is there to possibly do? I have gone from the peak of disgustingness, to ultimately clear... to moderately infected.... HELP

Short version of the story:

I have had acne for about 3 and a half years mainly on face... then developed on back and shoulders... recently (about 3 weeks ago) i developed chest acne... tried soap, BP, SA, Proactiv, Neutrogena, Gold Bond. Etc. Nothing works. I want suggestions from anyone who's had success or possibly support from anyone who's in the same situation... possibly a friend.





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first of all. its not bad at all.

second: cleanse with head and shoulder shampoo (classic clean) 2x a day while showering, lather using your hands only.

at night after shower, apply aha on chest and back, a thin layer. Either Dan's AHA or Alpha Hydrox AHA enhanced Lotion. Dan's is 16$, the alpha hydrox is 10$. same size, Dan's AHA has a special ingredient that helps soothe, but i mean, come on, for the body, I'd just use the cheaper brand. as for face, I'd use Dans aha

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David is right about the AHA... I use Walgreen's Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream on my everything and it has done wonders. My back is about %95 clear, just a couple zits here and there but they go away. Also, supplements help along with clean sheets, shirts, etc. And second of all, your back acne is not that bad at all, I wouldn't be too discouraged by it, my boyfriend has worse in *ahem* other places (his booty) and honestly, I don't care, I love him just the way he is, so don't worry about that, it's nothing.

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