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Hello my friends,

My name is Josh and I have been suffering acne since high school. I started roaccutane in January 2009 and finished my full course on 05.06.2010. By month 2, my face was all clear, but I had a ton of red marks left, that looks just like acne.

I have been reading a lot of posts on here, and there are a tonne of suggestions for red marks, including: jojoba oil, vitamin-e, aloe vera gel, squarlene, lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar just to name a few.

After experimenting for the past 2 months, i found a product which has squarlene, jojoba oil, vitamin-E and emu oil, and it has reduced the apperance of my red marks by 60% in just 5days.

Its against the rules of Acne.org to post the product name on here, but if your interested please send me a message, im more than happy to tell you where i bought mine from.

I seriously believe, acne.org is just trying to sell their products and not giving free speech as to which products works best. What a shame.


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Oh, right. You and your two other accounts with some 40 posts almost all identical are here just to 'help' our posters. Right. :lol: Bye bye spammer. Spammers suck.

By the way, topic closed.

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