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Do you get sunlight regularly?  

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  1. 1. Do you get sunlight regularly?

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I'm trying to figure out something here so I want to know, to you fellow acne suffers out there do you get sunlight regularly at least 30 min a day or do you tend to avoid the sun, and how many of you have very white pale skin?

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only one person? Guys all you have to do is vote yes or no :) , it's simple!

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I tend to avoid sun exposure because I have PMLE, which means I break out in an itchy rash a few hours after I've been in sunlight.

I've gotten some sun in the past week, though, since I've been visiting my family a lot, and my arms are so itchy and uncomfortable.

After years of avoiding sun as much as possible, I'm pretty pale. My little cousin was complaining about being pale last weekend, and I compared my leg to hers to make her feel better, and she looked at me and said, "Oh, my God. You're an albino!".

On average, I probably get about a half an hour of direct sunlight a week.

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Thanks for the reply C'est. That sounds like a tough condition to deal with, sorry to hear it.

Basically here I was trying to find out if people with acne don't get much sun, and if that could be a possible reason for why they get acne, vitamin deficiency. I noticed on days that I get a good amount of sunlight my skin looks amazing, I've only realized this recently so now I intentionally stay out in the sun for at least an hour a day to see if I notice improvement. I was hoping this poll could show a connection between not enough sun and acne, but not enough people are voting :/ .

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I regularly get 30 minutes of being out in the sun. I don't notice much change in my acne when I don't go out into the sun. I also have very pale skin.

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