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Hello All!!!

This is my first time on this board... FYI.

So I know the rule is "NO WAXING" while taking accutane. I am half way through my 4th month, at 40mg twice a day. (kind of a lot, eh?)

Anyhoo.... I'm thinking of getting a Brazilian before weekend trip with a long distance BF. :dance:

Thoughts? Is that region as sensitive as the face would be to waxing? I certainly don't want permanent scarring on my happy-time region!

I know the answers are probably going to be NOOOO DON'T DO IT! :naughty: But I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for an out here.

Thanks everyone!

Till next time,


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No waxing on Accutane, doesn't matter where you want to wax. It applies to ANYWHERE. If you want your skin to come off along with the hair, go ahead and wax. The healing time will be long and painful.

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you skin gets much thinner...

i dont know if your skin might come off but it surely will be painfull

Not much to enjoy when you are in pain right?

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Opt to shaving it instead of waxing. I know it grows back fast, but take the razor with you on your vacay? Shave it when you're in the washroom or something lol or during a shower

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