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acupuncture for acne

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i joined this website just so i could post on this topic...i struggled with pretty severe acne on my face, chest, stomach, arms, and back during puberty. at 15, i took accutane, and my acne was under control until about 3 years ago (i'm 29 now). i was working full-time and going to grad school full-time, so i assumed that stress had brought it back on, first on my face, and then it slowly spread over my upper body again. but i graduated from grad school about a year ago, and have seen no improvement, even though my stress has drastically reduced. i saw a few dermatologists, and after failing on various birth controls and your run-of-the-mill topical and oral rx's, all wanted me to do another round of accutane...but at around $600/mo since my insurance doesn't cover it, that wasn't an option. several of my friends and family members have had relief from their various ailments using acupuncture, so i figured, what the heck. i had my first session yesterday, and i was AMAZED at the immediate results i saw! he treated me for "internal heat," and just by looking at my tongue and ears, was able to tell me about other physical issues i've been having that he says are the actual cause of my acne. before i even left the acupuncturist's office, he showed me in the mirror that my inflammation and redness were improved...my skin actually looked like it was starting to glow! this morning, a little more than 12 hours later, there is MARKED improvement in my acne! my pimples look smaller...some small zits i had yesterday are completely GONE today! redness and inflammation are about 75% better! i'm very hopeful that this will be a good solution to my acne issues! has anyone else had experiences with acupuncture?? i'd just like to know what your experiences were and how it worked for you! thanks!

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I've been havin acupuncture since august '09. I'm not 100% clear though I'm very close. Can't stop with the sugar...which gives me the heat. :)

thanks for that input! i hope i can get close to 100% clear! yes, he also told me to cut back on sugar to calm the heat, but he gave me a few needles to help me crave it less. so far that's helping too...normally i crave refined sugar (candy and chocolate, especially), but right now i can think about it without feeling like i HAVE to have it.

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I have tried acupuncture too. I am not 100% clear though it helps a bit. And its quite painful... After the treatment, my breakouts will subside immediately the next few days...

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Glad to find this site. I've been living in Korea for about a year and since moving here from the US my skin has taken a turn for the worse. I wouldn't call the acne severe, but it goes from mild to moderate- a visit to an oriental medicine doctor here this week got a diagnosis of "grade 3" out of 6 (with 6 being bad). My skin gets especially bad in the summer (so hot and humid now) and winter (due to the dryness).

Over the years I've certainly shelled out a lot of money on various skin care treatments, but probably not much worse than average. I kind of ruled out going to dermatologists in the US as I felt my acne wasn't severe enough to justify the cost of the appointments and medicines. I did try antibiotics once here in Korea and it did help, but threw off my digestion and I didn't feel it would be good long-term. I don't get many big pimples nowadays (that was more during my early 20s, I'm 30 now), but a lot of little red pimples (a few of them whiteheads) almost all over my face, and clogged pores generally. I can hide the redness with makeup but not the bumpy texture. It almost looks like rosacea sometimes but it's not.

My skin is rather clear now as it's the week before my period (the week after my period is a different story!). But last week I did the weirdest thing- on a whim I went into an acupuncturist/herbal medicine practitioner that specializes in skin care (a national chain in Korea, with many good reviews and testimonials online) and made an appointment for a consultation. Everyone in the office had lovely skin. Before I knew it I was signing up for a month-long intensive treatment program, which consists of 1-2 weekly acupuncture treatments (depending on the body's reaction), products for home care (sulfur treatment and aloe vera gel), and herbal medicine liquid packets (which the patient drinks). The herbal medicine tends to be the priciest aspect of acupuncture in Korea (as acupuncture and the herbal medicine are usually combined). The month-long treatment was about $400. The doctor said most patients experience drastic results within a month, with some (20%) taking another month or so of less intensive follow-up treatment.

This kind of treatment seems to be quite popular in Korea now and I see a lot of people with nice skin. I have my first acupuncture treatment scheduled tomorrow. But I've never spent this much on my skin before and am having some buyer's remorse. Should I jump ship tomorrow and try to get a refund? Just wait until I'm in the US for a visit home in August and order Dan's regimen? I do have good experiences with acupuncture, but I'm nervous...I am really sick of bumpy, red, and sore skin, though...

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go for it, you might learn something

if you can afford it, it is much better than proliferating the skin

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