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Osmosis clarify? similar to RetinA

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It's similar to RetinA but penetrates 1000x deeper without the irritation...and only cost $40. I had never heard of it before but since it was only $40 I opted to try it. I've been using it for the past week and so far so good..has anyone else heard or tried it.

Wow I just look at the video it sounds pretty awesome : http://www.osmosisskincare.com/index.php?o...&Itemid=123

Please any experts give me your input on this product.

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Lol at the video - the background is very random and looks a little fake :)

If its so effective and better then retinA why don't doctors prescribe it instead? But anyway I'm interested in how it works for you though. Ingredients don't look too bad, I actually recognise some of the names!

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well I had never heard of it before until my esthetician introduce it to me. She only uses products that are made from natural ingredients and all that and it was only $40 so I trusted her judgement and decided to try it.

I've been using it for 2 weeks (tomorrow) and so far so good. I haven't broken out anymore than usually I typically have one pimple at any given time and the small weird white heads I normally get have decreased. I still have congested pores but it's decreased as well. Now I have been going to get extractions every 2 weeks for the past 6 weeks so I've gone 3 times and that has probably helped my skin also.

I tried Osmosis catalyst which is a serum more for anti-aging and evening out skin tone, building elasticity but it broke me out; that cost $125 I was pissed at first but then I just ended up giving it to my mom.

But the Osmosis clarify is working good for me. It seems to work just as good as Retin-A (not better) without the irritation or flaky dry skin. Also, I can put moisturizer right after instead of waiting 20-30 mins. like Retin-A.

I've also been using Tea tree oil as a toner right before putting on the clarify which I think is also helping the small white heads.

Here's a link to my esthetician, Her name is Yolanda, she's a past acne sufferer and does a lot of research on acne and skin in general. She post monthly articles about good skin under Beauty Tips..


Hyacinthe, ya I laughed when I saw the video its looks cheaply made, but everything that guy said made sense about putting harsh chemicals on your skin but then I wonder why do all the estheticians use AHAs and what not?

West Coast Skater, if had not been for my esthetician I would have never heard of this company or product and if my acne was bad and inconsistent like it used to be I would probably be scared to try anything other than the prescription strength RetinA. But the clarify serum seems to be working just as good as RetinA at keeping my pimples at bay. So I'm using it as a maintenance rather than an aggressive acne treatment. It's claims to help scarring, redness, reduce oil, control bacteria, and aging.

I would like to see if this product could clear someone up though.... Maybe not, then I would realize I wasted a lot of money of prescriptions. And I wonder how it would work on scars, I have some mild scarring and one or two ice picks but nothing too serious. I will continue to update on this product...

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Hi, all i'm updating on this product. I started using it on june 10 it been about 6 weeks. I would stay it's comparable to RetinA micro .1% where if you use both as directed they will clear you up and keep you clear. I was on REtinA micro for over 3 years on and off. So when I switched to Osmosis clarify I thought i might have a break out, I didn't. It just continued to keep my skin clear with the added benefit of making my skin more even. It feels like real skin instead of the dry, irritated skin I had while on RetinA. The pros to Osmosis is you can use it am and p.m. It doesn't cause flaking skin or irritation. You can apply right after washing (no waiting) and you can put moisturizer on right after too. The price is RetinA and Osmosis clarify is comparable because Osmosis cost $40 and retinA cost over $100 but my osmosis has lasted me this far and probably has a day or two more but retinA last FOREVER so Osmosis will last over 4 months for $120 and with RetinA it depends how often you use it. For me, one tube of RetinA lasted me 4 months.

I tried getting off my birthcontrol (ocella) to see if my skin would stay clear with just Osmosis; it didn't. Right now my chin is a mess but the rest of my face is clear =) so back to my $190 prescription of b/c.

So that's my review. I will never use retinA again; the osmosis product will forever be apart of my regimen. :wub: I love not having tight skin, or irritated skin or skin that looks like I tan because it's peeling all the time. Even when I was clear on RetinA my skin would be peeling, my makeup never looked right it was so frustrating. I'm so glad I found this product:)

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This is my first post on acne.org. I've been lurking for quite awhile but never participated in any of the discussions. Thought I'd put in my two cents regarding Osmosis Clarify as well as other Osmosis products.

Background: I've had mild to moderate acne since 17. In my twenties I had it under control with various combinations of retin-a, minocin, doxy, cleocin, and duac. As soon as I turned 33, I started getting hormonal acne just on my chin and mouth area. I tried Doxy, Tetracycline, Aczone but none of them helped. Minocin works but since I've been using it for such a long time, I've decided I've had enough of oral antibiotics so I'm trying to get through this without oral medications. Combination of Finacea, Retin-A, Tea Tree oil, and diet has been working for me. I'm not 100% clear- about 0-10 pustules at any given time + lots of red marks which the finacea and retin-a micro seems to be taking care of. I have combination skin- normal cheeks, oily T-zone. I seem to have normal sebum production on my chin but this is where I break out.

I've been getting facials to see if it can keep my acne under control, and this was recommended to me. I purchased the Osmosis Purify, Clarify, and Shelter. I used it for about 3 months and decided it wasn't for me.

Purify Cleanser: This was a bit drying on me, and although it was suppose to be exfoliating, it didn't work too well. It left my face feeling rough all the time.

Clarify: This was okay. It didn't really do much for me- it didn't make my acne worse but it didn't make it better. I don't have problems using Retin-A micro so it could just be that my skin is used to RAM that this is a bit too weak for me.

Shelter Sunscreen: This states that it's non-acnegenic but this broke my out really bad. After 1 week of use, I had breakouts on my forehead, and cheeks- I don't break out on my cheeks and forehead normally. I think this is because this is very occlusive- 18% micronized zinc. If anyone is interested in using this, I would proceed with caution.

Hope this helps someone with similar skin as me.

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