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Sometimes I think I see progress, and then days like today happen.

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Hey guys.

I had a great week last week and I didn't think about my skin too much... focused on the positive, looked in the mirror and said "OH MY GOD, it looks so much better than it did even a month ago!"

But it's so damn hard sometimes. I am 5 weeks and 2 days into the Regimen, and it has pretty much completely cleared up my left jawline (one of the two problem areas on my face). I still have redmarks that look as bad as acne in my opinion, but... that's for another topic, eh?

Anyway, my chin is the only area of my face that isn't 98% clear. I have been following DKR faithfully during this time and MOSTLY precisely (it's so hard not to touch your face!!)... I deviated in the following ways:

-I tried the Delna regimen for red marks yesterday...

-in the beginning, I did some milk of magnesia maska

-I use Differin on my forehead (it isn't irritating or drying or anything)

-I washed my face for a 3rd time in the beginning sometimes (the flakes were just too much)

-I have lightly exfoliated a few times (flakes, flakes)

-I've used vaseline as a moisturizer the past 2 nights. Is this bad?

So my chin is the other part of my face that is a problem area. It got messed up with birth control this winter and then Differin made it purge, but didn't really clear it up (I gave it 9 weeks). The Regimen has definitely helped some, but I purged last week a little and it still just looks bad. I understand that PIH TOTALLY SUCKS (AHHHHH), but this is like... slightly raised? It's not going to scar, I don't think (my skin doesn't really scar), but the areas where the breakouts were are slightly raised and purple. Have the zits just not fully gone away yet? It's even more unfortunate that the purges were both bringing many blackheads all next to each other to the surface at the same time, so it's like 2 clusters of purple marks.

Should AHA work for this? I have been using it on my back and chest for the past 5 weeks as well but I don't know if the improvement there is because of time, or because of the AHA working the magic I have heard so much about.

Also, I get some small whiteheads on my chin and the area around my mouth sometimes, like blackheads that are resolving but not becoming inflammatory. Is this right? I can't handle getting more pimples around my chin anymore and except for the purge last week it's been about 3.5 weeks since the last blemish, but will introducing AHA into my regimen help?

Lastly, one GREAT thing about living in Japan is the hot springs! I just love going to them and it's a great way to relax. Are saunas and hot water soaks good for acne? I've heard both. Back before my breakout this winter I always found that my skin glowed for days after a trip to the hot springs, but now I don't want to irritate my skin so much, especially my chin...

Does irritation really play a role in acne? How big?

I'm so sorry this is such a long post! But you guys are so great at answering questions. Thank you so much :)

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