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IPledge- Scheduling Appointments

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Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone knows how far apart Accutane appointments have to be. When I did my first course (late 2008- early 2009) I came in every 28 days and had no problems.

Now, the same doctor's office is telling me that it has to be every 31 days.

(The problem is that on day 28 after my appointment (today) I'm going to be traveling for work and am going to have a really hard time taking sick leave and getting to a doctor while I'm out of town. I basically need to go 4 weeks from today or I'll have to a) "fall out of the system" and stop treatment or b) have to request a lot of accommodations so I can get to a doctor that week.)

I called IPledge and they said 28 days would be fine and it's just between the first pregnancy test and the appointment where you get the first prescription that you have to wait 31 days.

SO, I've done every 28 days before AND I got confirmation from IPledge that it's okay, but the nurse doesn't believe me and keeps insisting that it won't work!!

Has anyone encountered problems with appointments every 4 weeks? Or has anyone else done them successfully?



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Uh, she's wrong.

My derm told me that appointments have to be at least 3 weeks apart. My appt this month was June 7, the previous month it was May 10. (28 days for those counting) I just figure out when I'm going to run out of pills and schedule my appointment for a few days before that.

Haven't had a single issue with iPledge.

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