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for the past 7weeks i have been using the AG face wash as well as the facial moisturizer, and am totaly digging both of them, no flakes or raw red face. great formula, and little to no irritation, great ph balance for shaving as well. ive had great experiences so far with both of these products. purchasing the toner is next on my to do list, but will have to wait until i have time to order it from the pharmacy, plus, things have been going pretty good so far with out it. it would be nice to have it tho to zap a bit of oil for this summer. ive been using these products to even out skin tone, fade red marks, and clear out/ prevent debrise from building up in my pores. Its been working GREAT for that, as well as smoothing out a few fine lines and giving me a much more softer texture without irritating my skin with harsh manual scrubs. break outs are not a very common problem for me since finishing my course of accutane several months ago. just trying to keep the bumps away while fighting other possible skin issues.

I apologize, i digress. my question is, has anyone used the hand and body lotion on their face? did you have any issues, breakouts? i bought it a couple weeks ago, hoping that since it has a bit more glycolic acid in it than the moisturizer it might work a little better or faster? i have been using it on my feet, legs, arms, and hands (especialy around my cuticles, which has really saved my nail beds by a thousand precent!) no body breakouts where i have used it. actualy its unclogged a couple teensy bumpys here and there, and alliviated any dry spots.

the face moisturizer has 10% while the body lotion has 14%. but before i slathered something on my face that was originaly ment for body, i checked out the ingrediant list, and about 4 things down, it lists mineral oil =/ and i thought "eh, i better check other peoples experiences first.." my face HATES mineral oil. dispises it. along with silicone *most makeup primers*. So, if anyone has done this plz share your experiences, it would be extremely appreciated! or any other opinions on mineral oil would be helpful as well. thanks a ton in advance, i really hope to hear from you guys =)

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