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scratch for allergy, blood test

ALCAT MRT for sensitivitys

There are some more and its expensive. Elimination diet can work but its hard and takes a lot of time.

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You should know that an ALLERGY is not the same thing as a SENSITIVITY. An allergic reaction usually occurs within 20 minutes of eating a certain food. A sensitivity or intolerance can occur up to 78 hours later.

Only 3% of the population has allergies. But up to 20% of the population has sensitivities or food intolerances.

A RAST test (scratching or pricking the skin) is for allergy testing.

ALCAT, EnteroLab and MRT testing is for food sensitivities or food intolerances.

Personally, I would pick an MRT test over an ALCAT test. The MRT test was created about 15 years after the ALCAT by the same co-creator of ALCAT. The ALCAT test has an accuracy rate of 86% and a reproducibility rate of 47%. There have been posters who said that ALCAT pinpointed about 50% of their food sensitivities.

ALCAT testing can be done here: www.ALCAT.com

MRT testing, on the other hand, has an accuracy rate of 92% and a reproducibility rate of 94%. Both are done via a blood test. MRT testing can be done here: www.NowLEAP.com

Both tests are about $500.

There is a third type of sensitivity testing that is done via stool sample. I did this type and it accurately told me that I was sensitive to gluten, yeast and soy.

It can be found here: www.EnteroLab.com

Good luck!!

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