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Really? Is this pit necessary?

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So, at 41 (last year) I began to get cystic pimples. Like, Rock of Gibraltar, painful bumps that usually don't get a head on them. I am getting them from my temple to my jaw.


Whereas my regular acne has calmed down, the cysts keep popping up. Not to mention, when they finally leave weeks later, I have a nice little icepick scar to show off.

I got off Triphasil about 3 years ago, and had a Mirena inserted last year. I have changed my skincare routine from harsh benzoyl peroxide cleansers to Mario Badescu (with success on the regular acne). I exfoliate twice a week. I have short hair, so it doesn't touch my face.

Salicylic acid treatments do NOT work for me, no matter what the percentage or delivery. BP worked for me, BUT, it was way too drying, even for my super oily skin. But then again, I was using a 10% cleanser. :rolleyes:

I am changing my pillowcase frequently, doing my skincare regularly, have switched (last year) to a low-carb diet.

I am SO frustrated with these; I will get one huge bump, then in a day or two, several more will appear alongside of it. They seem to travel, if that makes any sense.

Any ideas for these cysts? How to get rid of them quickly or make them less noticeable?

Also--has anyone tried Mederma scar cream for these types of scars?

Those of you who suffer this know how depressing it can be; how it affects your whole life. I'm hoping someone has some answers.

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yup, been there done that....cysts are a bitch and they hurt. i have tried an internal approach with my acne as of late. B5, known as pantothenic acid and evening primrose gel tabs. google both of these and read up on them. i get those painful cysts along my jawline and chin. they have caused me great pain, discomfort and embarassment. i am 47 and still get this crap. i have noticed that i break out horribly a week before my period so now i up my dosage of b5 and primrose at that time and pay strict attention to my face to see if i can feel any rising. if i do, i ice them immediately. i use grandpa's sulfur soap which dries most people but my skin is very oily so it doesn't bother me. i use the typical BP, sulfur masks etc topically. when it comes to the B5, i take about 4-5 grams/day but when a week prior to my period approaches, i up it to 10 grams/day. i also increase the primrose from 1-2/day to 3/day. i order everything online....oh, and when ones does pop, i wash the area, apply neosporin on a bandaid and apply.

good luck.

let me know if the b5 and epo help.

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Thanks for the info on B5 and Evening Primrose; I will definitely look into that!

Bek, I do have, and use MB BL. It works somewhat, but on the super monsters, not so much.

I really appreciate your kind replies.

".oh, and when ones does pop, i wash the area, apply neosporin on a bandaid and apply. " LOL, I always have a tube in the medicine cabinet for just that purpose!

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