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Doc taking me off of Accutane after only 4 months

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My doc just told me that he won't refill my Accutane because I am having joint pains. This means that I have only taken the Accutane for a total of 4 months.

Has anyone been on it for this short a period of time? My skin looks better than it ever has and I hate to think that it was all for nothing.

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Hmmm I don't think it was all for nothing! Are you at least clear now?

A lot of times shortening your course results in a shorter remission, but how short can't really be determined. You could be clear for 5 years, but had you taken those extra 2 months you would've been clear for 10 years.

Hoping for the best,


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I stopped after 4 months for the same reason. I'm still cyst free almost 2 years later. Hopefully, you'll keep your great results, too! :)

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pfft! Next time don't complain over measly joint pains.

But anyway, I only did accutane for 5 months. So I mean 1 month less isn't all that bad.

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Thanks Fred and Siava, I appreciate the support. My joint pains were severe, so bad in fact that I could not walk for several days - so I know that it was the best thing to do for my body - yet I am still sad to think that my cysts could return. You provided some hope and I really appreciate it.

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