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Shaping/ thinning eyebrows

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I'm a guy. I used to get my eyebrows shaped with wax and plucked before I used accutane as they are very bushy. Now I have been off accutane for a month and want to get my eyebrows thinned and shaped a bit. I understand I can't get them waxed so soon after using accutane. What are my other options if I get them done professionally? Looking for some input from the girls, as i'm sure not many guys get their eyebrows shaped regularly. :surprised:

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I would look into threading. It is THE best eyebrow shaping option! I had my eyebrows threaded every month while I was on Accutane and had no bad reactions. Threading is perfect with anyone with sensitve skin since no chemicals ever come in contact with the skin.

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Threading! Find a place near you that threads eyebrows. It's a technique that pulls out several hairs at once while causing no more irritation to your skin than plucking. You can look it up on youtube to see how it's done. You can also just do it yourself like I do, but I would practice the motions a bit so you can control it better. Try on your leg (if you have any hair?) or on a friend. ^_^

EDIT: Never mind; as a guy I would guess you have hair on your legs xD Yeah, just try it there.

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