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24/m accutane log - 17 Jun 2010

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This log is a record of the progress and observations of my skin and body reaction to taking accutane (nimegen) since the first day I take it (17 June 2010). I will also record products that I use on my skin, if any, including cleanser, moisturiser, and topical treatments during the course of taking the drug. I aim to log once every few days or any time if there is something I want to write about.

Long story short, here it goes.

Background information

24 years old


146lbs / 66 kg


Have had acne since high school throughout university up til now (started working). Have tried topical treatment including benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics (topical), oral antibiotics ( 2 full courses - each lasted a few months). There have been improvements on some occasions but never clear skin.

Current condition: mild to moderate acne - not super big and red - covering cheeks, chin, forehead, around mouth, and back.

No acne on chest or other areas.

Very oily skin (have always been no matter what kind of treatment I use)

Day 1 (17 June 2010)

20mg nimegen at night. I should be taking 30mg per day (10mg am and 20mg pm). But since I get the drug in the afternoon, so for day 1 I take only 20mg at night, and from day 2 onwards, it will be 30mg per day (10mg am and 20mg pm) until I up my dosage.

If you dont already know, nimegen is a korean brand. So it's more popular in Asia.

I also use some 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (Dan's brand) a few times a week at night only.

In am, I use a small amount of Cerave moisturizing lotion.

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Day 5 (21 June 2010) Quick update

Been taking 30mg since Day 1 (10mg am and 20mg pm)

1. Today, Day 5, a few hours after lunch, I started to feel dryness in my mouth and then lips started to get dry. Just very mild dryness. No matter how much water I drink, mouth is still dry - but mild dryness only.

2. I got a red bump on the back of my neck - on the bottom of hairline - a little bit painful if I touch it. I almost never get bumps in this area. So this is a strange and unusual place to get red bump. Could be the beginning of IB.....???

3. No observable changes in other areas. Face still oily. Breakout on face and back still same as before - ie normal rate.

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Day 6 (30mg per day)

1. Facial oil has decreased. But still a bit oily.

2. Lips getting more dry. So I use Carmex lip balm once every few hours throughout the day.

3. Still waking up in the morning with new spots, whiteheads.

4. Starting tmr (Week 2), will be taking 40 mg per day (20mg am, 20mg pm).

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Week 2 - 40mg (20mg am and 20 mg pm)

- getting less breakout (waking up with fewer whiteheads)

- face getting dry and flaky (but still there is oil production)

- dry lips (so I use carmex lip blam countless times throughout the day which solves the problem well)

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30 June 2010 - End of Week 2

- Skin has obviously improved. Less oil and skin is flaky (but still there is oil production).

- Less new breakout - previous breakout from pre-accutane and from week 1 almost all gone.

- Still a few spots, which if spot treat with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide would be less big and less red the next day

- has blackhead as always

- now i spot treat with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. i dont use moisturiser at night. i use SPF 24 sunscreen during the day

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Week 4 (8 July 2010)

40mg per day (20mg am and 20mg pm)

- Skin has improved a lot. Almost clear. Only some isolated spots left.

- I wake up with just one or two tiny new spots, or none at all.

- Face not oily any more for the whole day, despite hot temperature. But flaky, and some peeling of skin.

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