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My newly prescribed regimen (extreme?)

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I went to see a derm today. It seemed that she was obsessed with shoving as many pills my way.

I've only used Duac/Benzyl Peroxide. now I'm using BC. She was like "You've never tried to attack this systematically. That's what you need to do." She also flat out told me that BC does "absolutely nothing for acne" and should not be used as such.

She then prescribed me Doxycycline (100mg twice daily) said i would have to take this for more than a year, Epiduo, and differin. I told her I hate benzyl peroxide so she took the epiduo off. She then told me that if this doesn't work she'll give me Accutane.

I have moderate acne. Some cystic on the temples and some nodular on the forehead. Right now I'm also breaking out on the rest of my face but nor systic or nodular. But it goes away and comes back and besides red marks I get no scarring which I'm happy about. It just seems so extreme this is the first time you see me and you immediately jump to give me 3 products at once and within less than 5 minutes say you'll give me Accutane. It's just acne not cancer.

Am I being unreasonable? It's just so frustrating you wait over a month for an appt and some are ready to shove everything down your throat. On top of that I need to be on BC so thats one more thing to my list.

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I wouldn't recommend going on birth control and doxycycline together. That could end very badly. Dermatologists are usually like that though. They look at the big picture: what kind of acne do you have and what kind of prescriptions treat this kind of acne. Simple really but they never recommend anything natural or over the counter face washes because they don't get any compensation. Sometimes they recommend cetaphil or something they have samples for but they probably only do that because they are being paid for it. The derms only care about making money and writing prescriptions. You should try some more natural alternatives because after I started using a bunch of pills, my acne only got worse after I got immune to each one.

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