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flakiness to help with redmarks?

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hey all,

I:ve been on the regimen for exactly 5 weeks, and the results have been generally quite good.

my flakes subsided for a little bit, but now they:re back. Interestingly, they are mostly on places where I don:t actually apply the BP (and thank god mostly on my neck and jawline, where most people can:t see it). I do not have any jojoba oil, and so I have a few questions.

Could olive oil work? I:ve heard good things about it for fading redmarks, so I assume it:s safe for acne prone skin.

Does the flakiness help with red marks? Like, if you:re shedding that much skin does it literally peel layers of the red marks off?

Thanks, and sorry for the werid punctuation! Japanese computers, baby.

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Dan really only suggests jojoba oil. We really don't have any experience with olive oil to know if it is a good idea or not.

As for the flaking, it is actually one of the ways bp works. It mildly dries and flakes the skin and helps to peel out the acne. While a little can be beneficial, too much can be difficult to deal with.

As for whether or not the flaking helps with red marks, that's a good question. It may, but I honestly haven't seen any studies on this. Have you read Dan's red mark info? http://www.acne.org/faq.html#redmarks

Hope that helps.

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i used olive oil for a time, i found it to do a pretty good job at handling flakes, didn't notice too much as far as my red marks went though.

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