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What has worked best for your hyperpigmented scars?

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I have fair skin, and some pretty unsightly (in my opinion) brown marks on my back that I've been left with unfortunately as a result of my acne. I still get the occasional spot back there, but it's usually no big deal.

I've had a few chemical peels (lactic/glycolic acid with retin-a) and to be honest it's not enough. I'm just not getting the results I hoped for, and I was REALLY hoping that when I get back to school I could go to the homecoming dance this year and be confident wearing a strapless dress.

So I'm trying to look into other treatments that would be more effective for my hyperpigmentation. Money isn't really an object for us, but we're probably not willing to shell out $1,000 for a single treatment, so I guess I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of a laser treatment or even microdermabrasion?

What have you found to be the most effective in treating YOUR hyperpigmented scars, how much did it cost, how many treatments did it take, what was your condition to begin with, etc. I would really appreciate detail.

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I would be really curious to know as well... I know that time is the only guarenteed fix for PIH but there's gotta be SOMETHING!

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I would be really curious to know as well... I know that time is the only guarenteed fix for PIH but there's gotta be SOMETHING!

I don't know how long ago, maybe a year and a half ago I had a HORRIFYING inflammatory breakout on the left side of my face. Like it was so unsightly, I was so embarrassed, definitely the worst breakout I've ever had. The red marks that I had on my face have basically faded though! Actually, they have completely. And that was literally the worst breakout ever. The scars were almost as bad as the acne itself.

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That's really good to know about your PIH, although a year and a half... that's a long time! I hope mine don't last that long but at this point I feel like they're going to be here forever. These redmarks are a real mind trip because you get so used to seeing your face with them... I had a moderate breakout this winter and the PIH on my forehead is going away, but so SLOWLY!!! Like, they seem to be shrinking, and in a way it almost looks weirder now that they're closer to healing because it looks like I have a bunch of little teeny red freckles on my face. You know what I mean?

Your facial skin looks beautiful, by the way, and I read in your blog that you wore a strapless dress for the first time in public. CONGRATS!

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OH, ps:

I haven't found much that HAS worked for sure, but I know my bacne scars are pretty much gone (again, same breakout from this winter, had them for about 4 months). I have been using Dan's AHA twice a day on them, and I don't know if it was that or just time. Either way, I recommend it because it is completely non-irritating, doesn't bleach clothes and you can do it twice a day. Plus, it's not so expensive (16 bucks or so for a tube that will last you at least 4 months).

Lemon juice does nothing, in my experience, and ACV irritated the CRAP out of my chest (got a rash there and everything). I tried the "delna" method for a few days but all that exfoliating and harsh chemicals really make me nervous, and acne prone skin IS sensitive skin, after all... so I'd avoid that.

Basically, I think that AHA is good for at least body acne scars, although I can't say I have noticed much improvement in my mild chestne scarring (all of which is because I decided to pick. WHY! WHY!!!). It also irritates my chest skin, probably because our skin there is a lot thinner.

Also, you seem pale, like me :) I know that everyone says that this happens more to darker skinned people, but I'm like... super pale. So you can see EVERY flaw on my face, I feel... you feel the same way?

Also also (hehe), do you happen to know if sun is really bad for PIH? I've heard yes, but dammit I want to go to the beach (red mark on my chest be damned)!!

Hope any of that rambling helped :)

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not been on here for a while! i went on accutane about 3 years ago - still have the odd pimple but my skin has improved tons since i finished my course.

i have dark complexion that's prone to hyperpigmentation - so the marks i was left with from my acne were pretty depressing.

BUT they do fade with time - even if you have highly pigmented skin that doesn't heal so fast. I know it does seem a bit cruel to only to be confronted with another hurdle once you've battled your way through acne but with some TLC (healthy diet abundant with good oils and vegetables, lots of sleep and exercise, not picking!! etc), your skin does improve, slowly but surely.

the one thing i did try to speed up the fading of mark is Caci Futur-Tec treatment. It is something you can get done by an aesthetician in a day spa and I recommend it.

It's not cheap - but it's not the most expensive option on the market either. It doesn't give you immediate results but I started noticing improvements after 5-6 treatments (with a little temporary worsening of the visibility of marks around 2-3 treatments). I had 15 treatments at about £50 per 30 minute session. It doesn't perform miracles but I think by the end of the 15 treatements (over about 15 weeks), there was about a 50-60% improvement in marks. plus my skin in general looked healthier and more 'glowy' which helped to compensate for the marks that remained.

The best thing about it is, it's not abrasive, it doesn't hurt and it doesn't interfere with your life - you're not going to have to hide away for a few days after each session. it won't help with actual pitted scars but pigment marks, definitely.

Hope this gives you more hope :)

Apart from this, I've topically applied pure aloe vera gel at night under moisteriser for the last 3 years and I really think this helps in the long term.

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Same here,, my back is full of dark acne scars and red marks,, (check out my album),, i too had acne, but Neutrogena body clean body wash work great on that,, now it is completely cleared up,, now the only problem with me is dark acne scars,,

here is what i am doing...

i am applying cucumber + lemon juice all over my body daily...

i am massaging by body with olive oil ( only saturday and sunday, i can't do this in other days because i am a college student )...

i don't know weather this work because i am just doing this for 4 days...

it seems that neutrogena products are great, so i planned to buy some neutrogena scar removal products... i don't know what to buy, i want to check it out...

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