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Number of blades..?

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Hi guys

Just wondering, does the number of blades you use on a razor affect you in any way?

I'm trying to think of when I was 100% clear, I was using double blade disposables *every* day and never had anything to worry about.

Then I switched to a mach 3 instead of buying disposables all the time and that's when my problems started over again I guess (obviously cleaning the blade after every use).

I've been using 3 blades ever since the beginning of 2009 and I think that's been the problem tbh. I've been shaving with 4 blade disposables every 3 days when my hair is getting quite thick since the beginning of this year.

I swear my spots must have some correlation with shaving and I'm just trying to figure it out.

Do you guys find using razors with more or less blades helps?

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I used a two blade razor I found in old drawer, it was unopened of course! But it must have been from the 80's. It was pretty neat but when I ran out of blades I bought the new Schick hydro with 3 blades. I couldn't resist the temptation of having moisturized skin AFTER I shave. And the so called skin guards looked pretty innovative. I've been using that every couple days for about two weeks now and it seems to have the same affect that my two blade did on acne... makes it slightly better as long as I put clindamycin/retin-a/regimen on as aftershave.

Good luck!

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