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Had acne for 7 years now. Keeping track of my progress!

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When I first went to the dermatologist she put me on benzaclin, (The kind you had to keep in the fridge, if anyone remembers that) and Differin and an oral antibiotic. These medicines really only irritated my skin and the antibiotic lead to constant yeast infections on reoccurring strep throat. After about 2 years of that I gave it all up besides the Benzaclin which seemed to work alright.

Through the years I was put on birth control, tazorac, eczema and rosacea medicines.

For over the counter products I tried Pro-active, Acne free, tree tree oil products, Sulfur, clinique lines, and a lot of lines with mostly salicylic acid. Most of which worked for a while but never helped as much as I would have liked.

I just came off birth control after 5 years, 6 months ago.

My acne has been much much worse since being off birth control and it's been almost unmanageable. That's why I'm making a log to trace my progress.

When I was taking birth control my acne was pretty well controlled by just using a benzol wash and clinique moisturizer.

After coming off I bought the Acne.Org regimine and I have liked it very much.

But like all other lines it only manages my acne until something stressful happens or my skin gets used to it.

I have used it for a little over a month, but it has in a way stopped working and I now have acne like I have never really had before.

I have small bumps all over my face. Mostly in my T-zone, but also all over my neck.

My acne has always been pretty much on my cheeks and a small amount on my chin. I have never had neck acne or problems with my forehead and chin.

In an attempt to stop it I ordered SkinID from neutrogena and it made my skin much much worse so I have stopped using their line and I'm now moving on to a new technique.

For the last 2 days I have been using Nizoral (an anti-dandruff shampoo) on my face and it actually seems to be helping with the small bumps and calming my skin down quite a bit.

After than long winded explanation I'll now tell y'all about my new approach!

Until my skin returns to normal (Breaking out only on my cheeks really)


Wash with Nizoral

Moisturize with Acne.org moisturizer


Scrub with Aveno Skin brightening scrub

Wash with Nizoral (Leave on like a mask for 5 minutes)

Moisturize with Acne.org moisturizer

After that I will be back to the regular acne.org wash regimen for the topical part.

But I am also incorporating vitamins & Hot yoga! Yay!

What I'm taking -

Vitamin c

Vitamin e

Vitamin d (just started)

A pre-natal multi-vitamin

Flax oil

Zinc (just started)

Garlic capsules (Just started)

Olive leaf extract (just started)

Hot yoga - 3 to 4 times a week :)

I'll let you all know how the Nizoral is working for me within this next week since it's supposed to help within the first 2 weeks and keep track of my progress with supplements and exercise!

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Update -

My skin was very oily during the day and I acquired two large pustules on my cheeks during the day so I have a new regimen already


Sea salt wash (Cause of this thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/kill-acne...1#entry2890821)

Nizoral on my forehead and chin as a mask

Green tea toner (Also because of that thread)

Benzol cream only on my cheeks after my face is dry

Tea tree moisturizer for my t-zone

& Regular moisturizer on my dry spots around my mouth

I'm not sure what Pm will be, It will depend on how oily my face gets during the day.

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