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Hopefully an Accutane success story!

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I think I'll begin with a little prequel.

Failed oral prescriptions:





2 B.C. pills

Failed topical prescriptions:





Acne sucks. I've missed so much time with the girls. No, I actually wasn't too busy all those times you guys have asked to hang out. I just don't wanna show my face in public.

I shouldn't complain about it toooo much. I have it really good compared to many people. But that doesn't mean I'm happy with my face. I want to be able to go out without covering my face in foundation. Nobody should have to deal with acne.

Getting accutane (really claravis, but whatevs.) is the biggest hassle in the world. It better be wellll worth it. Blood drawn, paperwork, and the month-long wait that feels like a year. My doctors prob thought that wasn't enough and decided to realllllly test me. The day after my 2nd pregnancy test, I had my derm appt. She told me that I had to have a 2nd pregnancy test before I could get the prescription. I told her I already peed in a cup the day before. She ran down to the lab, came back, and aplogized a bunch of times. The lab screwed up. And she let me know they were delivering my pee special delivery to the other city where the testing lab was. Then she told me to log on to iPledge around noon to fill out the last questionaire, and I could get my prescription, finally! :)

So around noon I logged on, and she hadn't entered my results. I got a phonecall, more apologies, and @ around 2 I filled out everything on iPledge. An hour after that, I drove over to the pharmacy where they told me my prescription wasn't ready because I needed to answer the iPledge questions online, which I already did. Then they apologized, filled out some green form, and had me wait another 30 min to get my prescription.

I didn't really mind the wait that much. I got what I wanted in the end.

Please tell me the results are worth everything I had to/have to deal with!

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It is sooo worth it! My son had most of those antibiotics (no b/c pills of course) most of the topicals that you used too...NONE of them worked..He has been on on accutane for 30 days. He had a few initial break outs in the very begining but has not had 1 pimple in 10 days! His face has never looked like this! Make sure to moisturize every day and night and always have something on your lips and DONT leave the house without it! Aquaphor works great.

Good luck, soon you will be soo happy you started!

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Wishing you the best of luck on your course. Lots of folks have recently started so lean on us and our logs for any info you may need :)

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