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I am starting the medicine today for the second time at 40mg (Amnesteen)

I was on it before but for only 2 months (Sortret 30mg) two years ago.

I have small pimples all over my cheeks and jawline, extremely red skin, and some huge pores. I have never had a cyst, thank God, but my face hasn't been clear since im 13, except for the two months I was on accutane and 4 months following that. I stopped taking my medicine In April 2008, and had full fledged acne again by August 2008. STAY ON THE MEDICINE, LET IT DO ITS JOB. i only stopped cause I thought I was special.

Anyway I'm so pleased that the 30 day shut out window has finally ended, and now I'll have to patiently wait for the medicine to kick in. Man I'll miss my wine every night but it'll be worth it.

Okay so down to business....

DAY 1:

So far there is no side effects at all obviously, I just made sure to eat olive oil and nuts with my lunch because accutane dissolves best with a fatty meal, and thats the healthiest way to do that. I plan on eating an avocado with my dinner also.

Neosporin came out with new products for the lips so I figured I'd try them. I have a day one that has 20 spf in it and a night balm that locks in moisture as you sleep. I can tell already that the day one is not going to soothe my lips because it DOESNT have a vaseline like texture and comes on very dry, like an actual sunscreen, so I will probably buy another chap stick and put that on top.

If any of you feel like your life sucks as I often do lol, just remember we are all in this struggle together. I wish you all the best of luck.


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thank you!! you too..

what are you eating in the morning with your pill? It says to eat foods with alot of fat to fully dissolve the pill but I have no idea what to eat for breakfast every day without gaining 50 pounds lol

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