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Inital Breakout Question.

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Hey everyone, today was my 15th day on clavaris and yea my lips are all crusty and my chin is too. Also like the ends of my nostrils are cut so it hurts!Before i started this i only had like 4 pimples and now i have 20! i counted. Ugh yea im all beat up in the face. Im like embarased to be around ppl cuz this is like the most horrible ive been. Well anyways how long does the intitial breakouts last for cuz i got school in august and i was hoping my acne would be clearing up by the time school starts. Please Help ME. and maybe you guys can give me some advice to help me through my rough journy.

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Hey..I'm on my 10th day of clavaris and also have the hope of going to school in August with virtually clear skin.

I'm feeling most of the same side effects too, including the IB. You have to remember that everyone is different, but here is some information I've gathered from here and other sources regarding the IB and clearing:

The IB can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Most people are clear at the end of their 3rd month of treatment or beginning of their 4th month.

So if the above works out, then we should both be getting clear skin just in time for school!

Good luck,


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