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Second Round - Want to do it MY way.

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So ive ended up with a second round of 'tane. Not because my skin is bad - im surprised she gave me it, but because im off on holiday and dont want to take lots of tubes of cream with me. However, ive been given 30mg for the first month, and then 60mg for the second. This is a fair bit more than I wanted to use, I wanted about 10-20mg/day over the whole course. My skin is nowhere near bad enough for 60mg/day, imo.

Do I self medicate at 20mg/day and adjust it from there, or stick to what shes said. The last thing I need is a load of side effects at this point in my life, I just want my skin to be back good again and dont honestly think that 60mg would do any better than 20mg considering.

Has anyone else ever chosen their own dose, and how did it go?

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I agree with the previous poster. Apparently the higher dose you take the less chance there is that it will return. I am also starting a second course, just took my 'first' pill today. I am starting with 40mg then alternating 40/60mg. It was kind of stressful having it come back, though it did not come back as bad as it was at first. Good luck.

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Yeah, but there is also less chance of it being successful. I think you need to determine the maximum amount you can tolerate and go with that. I would be taking the derms advice though...

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