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Clear from new diet? Please say hi :)

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I know there are some of you out there who have gotten clear from diet changes, but I've a bit of trouble finding you (if you didn't leave the forum already). So just for inspiration, I thought it'd be nice to hear from those of you who were clear. What dietary changes did you make? How long were you on the diet before you saw results?

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I first started doing the holistic thing about this time last year. At that time, I was following the standard holistic acne diet. No dairy/No gluten/no wine/no chocolate, the usual deal. I was miserable doing this and I quit that a few months later. Didn't do much for my skin either.

After that first adventure, I decided to do something different. My family is French and I lived in France for a while, so I just decided to abandon all notions of what's good and bad for acne and just do what they did, since I know the people in my area of France are in exceptional health and that the food was fantastic.

So I started seeking out grass fed, unhomogenized whole milk, grass fed yoghurt and cheeses, fresh bakery breads with traditional ingredients, more fish, more fruits and veggies etc. I didn't think I was doing anything for my acne but I didn't really care either. But lo and behold, a few months later I realized it was going away and then it was just gone.

Even if it didn't do anything, I would continue. It makes me feel good to preserve my culture and stick it to processed food companies.

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There's a link to a thread full of them below in my signature. And it's far from a complete list. It wasn't kept up for a long time and recently, I've begun asking people to add their stories to it, but few do.

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