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Complexion ruined due to negligence of make-up artist

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Dear all...my first post here. Am seeking solace in this forum for my depression pertaining to my skin.

Years back in 2003, I attended a stage make-up workshop organised by my school. I was made a model for my friend to practise the make-up on. The cosmetics and applicators used on me were previously applied on many others, including a guy whose face was ridden with acne.

The make-up artist, if I recall correctly, did not sterilze or disinfect the applicators nor cosmetics before sharing. After the session, the make-up artist merely provided me with a tube of facial foam to remove the heavy stage make-up for she did not have any make-up remover.

Days later, I woke to a face all covered with bumps which doctors were uncertain of what they were. It resembled oil clogs or an allergic reaction or some disease like chicken pox/hives. I was given days off and topical creams for acne to be applied, even though it may not be acne. The creams burnt my skin considerably, and left it flaky and dry. Another doctor gave me some oral medicine. I did not visit a dermatologist, those I consulted were general practitioners.

After I left it alone, it cleared up. But I believe it left some residual bumps, enlarged pores and a few scars which I have to bear with till this day. I went for facials as well, and the extraction might have injured the skin a little due to the pressure, leaving indented scars.

My complexion, to be honest, used to be good with no issues of blemishes. Now, it's neither good nor bad and is more sensitive than ever. What caused me the most distress is the regret of agreeing to be practised on and of losing what I once had (good skin) due to the negligence of another.

My questions are:

1. Whether I can still do something about it legally, say suing the make-up artiste for unhygiene and negligence? How strong will my case be, now that it is 7 years late?

2. Anyone has any idea of what those bumps are? An allergic reaction or a case of clogged pores? I regret not bugging my parents to bring me to a dermatologist.

3. Is our facial skin capable of completely regenerating itself (like a lizard growing a new tail) such that what i see now is not the same skin 7 years back, but completely new skin and if there are blemishes, those are recent blemishes and not residual from years back?

4. if the skin can replace itself layer by layer, then why isit that acne scars seemed to be permanent? shouldn't new skin have already replaced the area with a depressed scar?

5. The creams that the doctors gave me contained benzoyl peroxide. I heard that it can cause premature aging? Is that true? I wonder if the enlarged pores and obvious laugh line is a result of the overzealous application of benzmycin.

6. Can that outbreak actually cause enlarged pores which I have now?

7. Anyone has similar experiences to share?

I feel really lousy, hating and berating myself for agreeing to be practised on. Thinking and regretting about this incident for close to 7 years, especially so lately when I feel like nothing in my life is going right. My friends said my skin is not that bad, but what they can't understand is the trauma of that incident - the red, flaky leathery and bumpy skin and the loss of what I used to have due to someone's negligence.

Even now. I can almost feel the sensation and imagine how it looked back then. I feel traumatized by the whole experience and the fact that I am reminded of it everyday when I look into the mirror only serves to exacerbate it. I am not sure whether those flaws on my face are recent blemishes isolated from that incident or a result of that outbreak, existing till these day. If those are blemishes due to age or hormones, I am fine with it. But if it is a result of that outbreak, then I have all the more reason to hate myself and that make-up artist.

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I think part of it could have been your fault in a way for not going to see a dermatologist. General practitioners also study the skin, but not even close to as in depth a dermatologist would. I also think it was the make up that was applied to your face that made you break out. Acne is not contagious.

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Depending on the brand of stage makeup, it could be the stage makeup that caused your skin to become so irritated and react.

Nope, you can't do anything legally 7 years later. But check with a lawyer to make sure. There's a statute of limitations and it's usually way less than 7 years.

No one has any idea what the bumps are without images and/or an in-person examination. Go now to a derm. Some of the changes in your skin may be simple aging.

Scars change the skin permanently, even new skin growing back will always have the same depressions. There are of course lots of options to look at for scar treatments. But if you're still breaking out, it's best to get rid of the breakouts first.

BP does not cause aging. It causes dry skin. Wrinkles can start in the 20's. Laugh lines are generally (along with some fine lines around the eyes) the first wrinkles to show up. You can treat both your uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and wrinkles with a topical retinoid that a derm or even regular physician can prescribe.

'Enlarged pores' may be the result of clogged pores. If the clog is cleared the pore will appear smaller. Pores do not open and close, they're not like little sphincters.

It sounds like you might need to consider some professional counseling; still berating yourself over something that happened 7 years ago is very extreme. Accept the things you cannot change; you can't go back in time, so deal with what it is you have now.

The breakouts you're having now are not even slightly related to what happened 7 years ago.

I suggest going to see a derm and considering the use of a topical retinoid. They help with aging and with clogged pores. Please read the following post on how topical retinoids work and why patience and perseverance is required when using topical retinoids: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Info-reti...ial-t98395.html Please also realize that at least three months on the medication is required for noticing full benefit. You may experience an 'initial breakout' (explained in previous link) that's due to the purging effect of retinoids.

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Thanks for the replies.

I have consulted a skin doctor (not exactly a dermatologist). Am using her products now. However, I fear that the damage done is irreversible.

Does anyone else feel like me - feeling like you are disfigured, no matter whether the damage is perceptible or not? I feel...unwholesome.

I feel somewhat like a burnt victim who suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, where the image of the outbreak/rash the other time keeps haunting my every consciousness.

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