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New Person; Burning Skin

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Hello there,

I started the regimen about four days ago.

Day one: Nice: No irritation what-so-ever. Adored the clean scent.

Day two:slight burning sensation after applying moisturizer. No visible redness however.

Day Three: Burning intensifies, but again, only after applying moisturizer. Irritation of skin causes redness throughout the day.

Day Three (point 5): After using regimen before bed, intense burning keeps me awake for two hours.

Day Four (that's today!): Seriously reconsidering using the regimen anymore.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm allergic to the moisturizer? But if that's so, then why did it not hurt at all the first day?

I've been using only a pea-sized amount of BP, and 2/3rds of a finger of moisturizer.

What are your thoughts on what's happening? Is this normal? Should I stick with it, or is it just that my skin isn't compatible with the regimen?

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That happened to me too -- one night I felt like my face was on fire. It really is your skin getting used to the BP. It will eventually flake, because it'll be like getting over a sunburn.

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