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Ocella Initial Breakout..please help!!

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So I started Ocella last Sunday...and the first week was fine...but once this past Saturday hit..my face looks like a war zone. It's breaking out soo badly!!! Is this an initial breakout...or is this going to be my reaction to this BC? I want to switch to ortho tri-cyclen or ortho cyclen next month anyway..because of all of the hoop-la surrounding yaz/yasmin. But I don't understand why BC would MAKE you break out....if my estrogen level is being regulated...shouldn't my testosterone level decrease..and my acne should CLEAR up...not get worse!!??? I don't want all bc pills to make me break out...because that's ridiculous! I know they say to wait 3 months..but I want to switch anyway. Please help!! Did anyone else have an initial breakout on Ocella? I can't find any threads relating to this!!

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it honestly might just be an initial break-out or it might not and you might just be breaking out on ocella period and just need a new birth control. its hard to tell especially since you've been on it for just around two weeks.

i've been on ocella for two months and it doesn't seem to do me any good and i think made my skin worse, but my philosophy is why play around with all these medications. if you've dealt with acne for a certain period of time why not just deal with it for three months and take that medications like you're supposed to and who knows you might see great results. if not then change. people that just change immediately and can't even wait at least two months i just feellike you're looking for a quick fix and short term solution instead of something long term.

that's just me. i'm thinking of trying yasmin since apparently some people have had bad reactions to ocella but not yasmin.

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