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First off, is it best to use a moisturiser every day on skin? I know we need to keep skin hydrated and I don't nearly moisturise enough..I moisturise once every 3/4 days after a shave I guess. Is this bad? Wow I said moisturise a lot haha. I don't know what the deal is with moisturising and the finacea gel I'm using and whether it effects the potency of the gel etc. Any ideas?

Secondly, what's everyone/anyone's experience with aloe vera gel? My mum keeps pestering me to try some on my face (she has this organic 99% stuff) and I tried it on my back earlier to see how that affects it. But with wanting to moisturise more, and use finacea, it seems like there's no time in a day to stick all that on and make it all work properly!


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Hey there,

I have VERY oily skin, and I moisturize once in the morning, and once at night. Doing this actually keeps my oil production down (well, as down as mine can be). I notice that my face is significantly more oily when I don't moisturize. I also notice that I break out more when I don't moisturize; as my body starts mass-producing oil. I would highly recommend moisturizing your face more often than you do currently. Do you use BP at all? If you use any type of a topical that dries the skin, I would use a moisturizer more frequently. You'll have to experiment; everyone's skin is different. My sister doesn't wash her face or anything, and her skin is perfect. If I don't wash my face, well, I have to wear a bag over my face. ;)

I have used aloe vera in the past on my scars (red marks). It worked well in this application, but I switched to using 100% Organic Emu Oil instead. It works even better on red marks. Aloe vera never bothered my skin - I just found a product I liked better.

Hope this helps!

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Yeah makes sense, I've been thinking I need to moisturise more and I guess you've kinda confirmed that i need to! haha thanks. i use finacea at the moment which works well but i've been pretty slack with it recently because it was doing so well and i had next to no problems, but since then i think the lack of use is making a few spots come back. i guess it dries my skin out yeah....can you put it on top of moisturiser do you think? like, if i shave at night then moisturise, will i be able to apply the finacea like half an hour to an hour after?

i've used bp before yeah in the form of quinoderm and it cleared my skin up really well but i got discouraged after i found out it makes red marks last longer so i switched to azelaic acid after a month or so of being off bp.

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Unfortunately, I'm a girl and don't have to shave my face. I would wash my face after I shaved, if I did. :) Personally, I always wash my face first, then use my "treatment" (BP for me, Finacea for you) secondly, and thirdly, I moisturize. Do you use any of Dan's products? His cleanser can be used as a shaving cream and a cleanser for men. He too, believes in the 1.) cleanse, 2.) treatment, and 3.) moisturize. Maybe try that. Like I said, you might have to experiment a little bit to find out what will work best for you. Maybe you should 1.) shave, 2.) wash, 3.) treatment, and 4.) moisturize.

I do let my face dry for about 10 minutes after I wash it, get out of the shower, etc. before I put on the BP, then allow the BP to dry completely before I put on my moisturizer. After that, I use the Emu Oil on any red marks.

I did hear that BP makes red marks last a little longer, but I can't use anything else, as I start breaking out again. The Emu Oil really helps. I don't notice my red marks near as much, and they disappear so fast with the Emu Oil. People always comment on how flawless my skin looks, and how I must never have acne. Ha ha! I do, but I take very good care of my skin. :)

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