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hello all...

i have been watching this board for about a year... i went on 'everything' just like everyone else and just could not get rid of my mild-moderate acne... im a 23 year old male... my acne did not get bad till about 17...

i hate acne... i understand what people are going thru... i understand feeling like i cant go out because of my skin... i know what it feels like feel to ashamed to talk to a girl because of my skin... i know all the little things that make us want to just have someone elses skin...

i was really scared of accutane... i was actaully presrcibed it and then turned it down to do another month of research...

I WISH I WOULD HAVE STARTED SO MUCH SOONER... I AM 100% CLEAR... LIKE 110% CLEAR... I have what I would call celebrity skin...

i wanted to post on this board AFTER i have been on accutane... as many people just never come back. it has changed alot for me... my face ha more definition because for the past 5-6 years it has been swollen from the acne... i didn't even know! i have a boost in self confidence... and the best part... i dont wake up every monring dreading the mirror... EVERY monring i wake to a clear face...

all i do now is wash my face in the morning at night and in the morning and apply Oil of Olay for sensitive skin... Honestly thats it...

I know this is long and un-organized post... But to my fellow people that have acne: PLEASE HANG IN THERE... Accutane may be your answer... Maybe it's something else... Either way... There is light at the end of your tunnel...


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That was really inspirational!

A few questions: Did you have an initial breakout, if so, what week? And around what week did you start clearing up for good?

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my intial break-out came at around 8-9 weeks... Kind of odd... But it only lasted about a week...

clearing up for good at about 4 months in... but it started getting better and better right after my inital break out...

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Same here! check out my log in my signature. I was so afraid of accutane, but it saved me.

Lost a girlfriend, lost confidence but now... LIFE IS GOOD. If you need to talk about it feel free to PM me and I will add you to my list.

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That's terrific! yeah, when my acne was moderate actually, mild one derm suggested accutane b/c I was sooo frustrated but i didn't try it..then I got ill which caused my acne to get bad and leave scars so I HAD to go on accutane.. truly, I wish I had gone on it when my acne didn't need it as badly because i'd have such a flawless face today... but even so, i rarely if ever get obvious pimples anymore and it's been 6 years already!

strangely, sometimesi think people should go on accutane just in case, or if their acne leaves even the tiniest mark

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yeah, but I would still try everything before going on accutane, which is what I did

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