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I think I might have record for accutane usage

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So I just started my fourth tour of accutane today, Man I cant believe I am doing this again... Everytime I am on accutane and for a good 6 months after I am clear as summer sky but then it just comes back again... I know some of you are going to say I shouldnt do this a fourth time but I have had nothing but awesome experiences from accutane, I have never experienced anything cept for chapped lips and dry skin even during my 3rd tour, so number 4... lets do it! :dance:

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Good for you, I am in the middle of my fourth round and I wouldn't hesitate to do a fourth if I needed. I really hope I don't but I wouldn't be all that surprised. I think if you haven't experienced problems in the past, go for it, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Good luck!!

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Lizzie did you mean to say your on your fourth and would go onto your fifth if you needed to? Ya im hoping this is my last time too, everytime I have used it my acne has got less and less after each time completed but all the sudden there on my neck and my jaw / beard line, ... folliculitus ... possible but I was treated with anti biotics and they subsided when I was on it but once I was off it just came back ... accutane is another drug to get rid of it so here we go :) I hope for the best this is my last time!

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Whats the dosage you're on currently if you don't mind me asking? I'm currently on 80mg a day and I would have a tough time doing this 4 times in a row :P

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