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Accutane && Spironolactone or x2 Spiro Dosage?

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Yo, I'm male 21 and was on Accutane 40mg for 4 months last year. The Accutane really tightened my pores and made my skin dryer - and possibly look worse/older. The side effects were bad - depression/joint pains.

3 weeks ago acne came back, in fact it all came back at once all over my face and now at least two new spots are forming every day, they are painful. I have 60 tablets of accutane left, and I started taking 100mg spironolactone a day 1.5 weeks ago, I don't care about the feminising effects.

My choices are:

a). take 200mg spironolactone every day, or

b). take 20mg of accutane with the 100mg spironolactone.

Opinions? Thanks.

P.s. please don't tell me not to self-medicate.

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How did the prescribing doctor tell you to take the meds? That's how you should do it.

Despite you not wanting people to tell you not to self-medicate, I'm going to point out that self-medicating is dangerous, especially with something like Accutane. You really need to be monitored by a doctor while you're using it.

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Derm said take two 20mg accutane pills a day for 6 months, I did it for 4 because of the side-effects, it started working at month 3 and lasted up till now. Just had a blood test recently and everything is fine plus I'd be going on half the dosage he prescribed.

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