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Need some Advice Please

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Okay basically I'll state my situation shortly and clearly (i've had posts on this in the past and don't want to sound like a broken record)

I had dermabrasion about 7 months ago. My skin has healed but was still pinkish in about 1/3 of the area where I had dermabrasion.

A day ago I had a couple small pimples in the PINKISh area where I had dermabrasion done. I put on Benzaclin in the area which I was told I could do by the doc that did the procedure (I dislike this doctor very much for doing dermabrasion to me) and today:

Today I woke up and in that tiny area about a cm long and it was reddish...pretty much bright red.

It has not been reddish like that in the morning in a very long time. The only time my skin would get a little bit more reddish was at night when I was out in a bar and itw as hot...

Now I will tell you this it is only in the area that the benzaclin applied so clearly I should stop using it. I am upset because the doctor has not been very helpful in times of need and that is a whole other bag of issues.

First I know not to apply benzaclin that much to the area or anything for that matter.

I am seeing a NEW dermatologist next week for a consult to discuss current skin issues and maybe a plan for the future if he is the right one.

Any advice as far as the redness? I hope it goes away sometime today it seems a little better now but still not great :(

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I guess I need to just let it be and relax.... it sucks because my skin was finally starting to get better and now after putting benzaclin in the dermabraded area...the day after my skin is reddish in about a half penny sized area....and it looks bad...

Anyways, i'll let it be for a day and just relax. Hopefully tomorrow the redness will have calmed down significantly.

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