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so poolside daquiris this afternoon left me with an awkward sunburn.

this is, of course, a week before my big vacation withte guy i like, so you can imagine my frustration as far as the inevitable horrible tan lines, as well as the potential break out subsequently

i have two questions

anyone know how to prevent post-sun damage break outs. i know this wouldnt be the best for me, but would it postpone the breakout if i continued to get sun there until my vacation is over? i know it will only postpone and potentially worsen it, but i think that might just be worth it if you guys think it will work.

my second question is about bp. will it bleach or discolor a tan/burn?

kind of feeling like im gonna break down and melt into a puddle of tears, with my skin going so crazy right before the big week ive been planning for

any help is always appreciated


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how to prevent post sun damage breakouts?

well to prevent the breakouts prevent the sun damage and wear a sun screen.

bp shouldn't discolor a tan but what it will do is for most people lightens their skin and makes it more difficult to tan there over time.

grab some SPF at least 50 preferably Zinc Oxide. Coppertone makes an SPF 50 Sensitive Skin with Zinc Oxide. Has a whiteish tint but its a physical sun screen which I happen to prefer.

if you already have damage and usually breakout afterward, best advice would be to be vigilant about whatever regimen you're on.

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