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Tazorac - How come I'm not peeling?!

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Hi all,

I've been on Tazorac for about two weeks now... My dermatologist prescribed it because I have a lost of congested pores/blackheads and none of the OTC products I tried were working for my moderate acne. I've been using the cream nightly for two weeks and I'm not peeling at all. (I use Aveeno Ultra Calming SPF 30 Lotion every night after I apply the cream). In fact, the only difference I've noticed is that a lot of the congested blackheads are turning into white heads. Is this normal?? From what my doctor told me and from everything I read, I was expecting some pretty harsh peeling. Is the cream working and I'm just really lucky or am I not using it right? Has any one else had a similar experience??



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obviously you should do what your dermatologist says but I use lotion before tazorac. and that is what they say on their website.

week 2 is still fairly early, wait til around week 4-6 to see if you start experiencing any.

i'm on week 7. i have only had mild to moderate peeling around my mouth, chin area. no peeling on my forehead of cheeks (and i'm using it all over). the peeling has been very light and easily taken care of by just carefully peeling it off and they are very light and come off super easily. or just using a cotton ball at night to remove any.

however i peeled like CRAZY on differin (tazorac is stronger). maybe it is because my skin was already used to a retinoid though.

overall i'd say you're still way too early to ask questions or be concerned. not having anything horrible at this point thought is a good sign and you skin seems like it can handle it. i was told it would get worse before it gets betters (like always) but haven't found this to be true yet with Tazorac.

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I'm currently on Tazorac, and for the first 4 weeks I broke out so much, and then i ran out of samples and lost the prescription, so I mostly used a moisturizer for one week. When I went back of Tazorac a week later, I only peeled for the first few days. My acne turned mostly into white heads as well. I am on my 2nd month of Tazorac and am pretty pleased with the results so far :)

Good Luck!

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I have been on tazorac for almost four years now. I use tazorac and another cream called clenia. Even though my acne has never fully cleared, I mostly have small scars which are almost completely gone now that i'm taking nicomide (which I strongly suggest). I never really peeled from tazorac but it really makes your skin sensitive. I'm used to it now though. After using tazorac, your face will sting when you are in contact with ocean water and your face will burnt really easily. You just have to be careful. A lot of things will make your face sting. But overall tazorac never fails to get rid of acne over night. I would suggest you ask your derm about clenia too because tazorac and clenia really work well together!


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