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Hey guys, I was wondering if this combination is a good idea. I've been using SA for a while, which has worked quite well for me, but then I recently added BP, which I think may have caused some pretty terrible break outs. Is this normal at first? Does it get better? And my skin is really oily, so it like almost never dries, except in sensitive areas, such as right under my bottom lip.


I sweat a lot during the day.

MORNING: I work out, shower, after shower I use SA wash, SA astringent.

MID DAY: Work out, shower, after shower SA wash and SA astringent.

Night: simply BP wash.

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This is from the Acne.org FAQs, but applies to non-Regimen users as well:

Q: Can I use salicylic acid with the Regimen?

A: The jury is still out. The majority of medical books I scoured for acne medication information specifically warn against the combination of salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide, calling it "overly irritating". Several people on the Regimen have noted this. This warning is echoed when combining benzoyl peroxide with several other acne medications as well, resorcinol and sulfur to name two. Remember, irritation aggravates breakouts.

However, some Acne.org members have used salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide successfully. If you want to try this, first use the Regimen without salicylic acid until you are completely clear. Then, feel free to add in one variable at a time such as the addition of salicylic acid.

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