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Raw Food BOOKS

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I want to purchase a raw food book. I know I can look this stuff up online, but I really enjoy flipping through my cook books for ideas and motivation before I go to the store. I pretty much ONLY buy ones with pictures. Not all my recipe books have pictures of every single recipe in them, but they have pictures on at least every other page... I just don't get as excited over the words and ingredient list as I do actually SEEING the food I'm going to make.

So - can anyone suggest to me a good raw food book, with not too complex ingredients or too pricey equipment involved. I have been preparing my own meals and cooking for a while, so I don't need suuuper easy recipes. I just don't want to go on wild goose chases for exotic and rare products and spend all my time in the kitchen. Thanks!!!

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Also, I don't have a dehydrator. If anyone knows of a book that doesn't require one for most recipes that'd be awesome!

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The 80/10/10 Diet by doctor Doug Graham is probably the best raw food book you can find. There is almost no food preparation whatsoever in his approach, so don't expect a cookbook. He advocates a low fat diet which is in direct opposition with most other "gurus" out there, but that approach just makes so much more sense than eating 2000 calories of nearly indigestible nut patés a day.

Stay away from anything by vultures like David Wolfe with their enzymes and living foods fantasy writings.

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I'll have to disagree with charles as I tried 801010 a few times and it made my acne 10 times worse.

I have a lot of time for DW and my fave book of all time is Sunfood diet success system but it doesn't have recipes really, it's more for info.

Recipe book wise not sure if you are US or UK. Jennifer Cornbleet's raw food made easy is simple easy and doesn't have a lot of dehydrated stuff at all. Most books will though.

I also like Eat Smart Eat Raw by Kate Magic as it has some really quick great recipes and her superfood one has THE best recipes I've tasted Raw Magic but that's pricey if you're going down superfood route. As an aside I eat a lot of superfoods and I love them.

other than that i do just tend to browse www.goneraw.com - i think you can search for simple recipes on the tags...

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