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I'm thinking about adding AHA to my cart the next time I order the regimen products (been on it for about 2 months) but I keep trying to find out what Alpha Hydroxy Acid does for the skin. I know its used as a spot treatment and for body acne but is that all? Because surely the regimen should get rid of that. I want to use it as my nightly moisturizer but first I want to know what is so good about it that it can replace Dan's regular moisturizer at night, and how it helps. I tried looking up information from Dan and all he says is (While the regimen keeps you clear, AHA makes your skin PERFECT) and I don't know what he means by that. Haha

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AHA is a chemical exfoliant. It helps to break down the "glue" that holds dead skin cells together, allowing them to slough off more easily. It can help with flaky skin, PIH, and fine lines, as well as spot-treating. Dan's AHA is formulated to be soothing and moisturizing as well.

If you're going to add the AHA into your regimen, I'd recommend starting out by only using it two or three times a week for the first few weeks to see how your skin reacts. If everything goes well, you can gradually start using it more often, though I wouldn't recommend using it more than once a day, since it's possible to over-exfoliate and irritate your skin (even at just 10%, it's pretty potent stuff).

Be sure to use sunscreen any time you'll be exposed to sunlight for at least a week after any AHA use--even on cloudy days, since UV rays can penetrate cloud cover--as AHA can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and more prone to burning.

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Dear Pap.25,

What strength of AHA are you using? I have products that are 10 and 12 per cent, and they are fairly strong. One is a lotion and one is a cream and a third is a sort of mousse form, that is the strongest.

This is strong stuff. Keep it away from your eyes at all cost. I have oily skin and thought I could take anything, but found myself peeling quite a lot within ten days. Also, I made the mistake of putting it on my neck and my neck was red, flaking, inflamed and peeling for 3 weeks.

Never put it on without putting on a moisturizing creme over it. Something very light and easy on the skin like cetaphil creme or the marvelous CeraVe cream, which has Hyaluronic Acid, are both good choices. Both come in 16 oz jars and are so inexpensive compared to most creams that are not half as good.

If you have not tried Hyaluronic Acid, it leaves the skin feeling so soft that at first I was sure my skin had not dried yet, it had to be moist from the product. My skin felt like nothing I had ever sensed before.

I also use the AHA lotion on my hands and feet and kness and elbows to exfoliate them---all you need is a small amount to do the job. Then I use one of the two cremes over it to eliminate the flaking.

Even with creme, still go slowly at first. And ALWAYS wear a potent sunscreen and remember that sunscreens wear off after a couple of hours. If I am gardening--or in the sun a long time, I wear a hat, that is how careful you must be.

But I think it isi marvelous stuff. I often use it together with BP. It does not seem to matter which I put on first. But when I use them together, I use less of each. When I am clear (and have not made a "trying new makeup" mistake!) I use them on alternate days.

Good luck, it is an essential part of my total skin care program and I hope you have good results, too. Oh, I use the Alpha Hydrox brand, good prices and even better online.


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