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Im 20 years old male, and have dealt with acne since beginning of highschool pretty much. Always had semi sensitive skin. My skin at this point is better than it used to be, but still ruins me emotionally, like im sure it does many many people. I went on Tretanoin cream for about 4-5 months and it definately did its job, but left a little scarring in some places. But thats not my worry right now. Now my chin area is my trouble spot. Its red, pimply, whiteheads almost every morning. I was given aczone and tazarac to clear up that area. I was on it for a while, and it didnt do the best job. I was then given duac in the AM and differin at night, which i hated both. My skin is very oily and i definately contribute it to my problem area as of right now. I need advise. Im using an oily skin face wash with Zinc PCA from Nourish right now, which i think has cut down on oil production, but still is an issue. I was also using an acne face toner that uses DMAE and zinc PCA and herbal extracts. But im still getting breakouts and whiteheads. Heres my question, and i so much need it to work. What would be the best face wash for me to use? One with benzoyl peroxide, sacylic acid, both, or what? Should i go back on the tretanoin cream like i was told to by a top dermatologist? The tretanoin cream is crazy stuff, definately dries out my skin which sucks and makes me not wanna do it again, but im at the point where ill do it if necessary to clear this up. Any recommendations on regiments that i can do to reduce redness, inflamation, and formation and whiteheads would be greatly appreciated. I think the right face wash would contribute a lot to clearing this up for me. Should i go back on the aczone in the AM and tazarac at night and just deal with the redness and dryness and hope it does what it should? I mean, a top dermatologist in my area said it would do the job.

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