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acne/heat rash or other?

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i have these little read pimples all over my stomach and some of my chest but im not quite sure what they are so i have attached some pics of them.



the reason i dont think they are acne is because one day there could be loads of them then the next hardly any then the following day they are all back again. i cant seem to find any correlation as to why some days are worse than other. i also get them during cold weather so i dont know if they are heat rash either.

i currently have them on the back of my hand which is a first as they have never appeared on any other part of my body except my torso.

any help would be greatly appreciated :)



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the way you describe them sounds like an allergic reaction or rash.

acne isnt one to appear and disappear so quickly.

sounds like it might be tricky to diagnose without a dermatologist looking at it.

do you use a "dye/fragrance free" detergent and dryer sheet(or none at all)?

what do you use to wash your body with?

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well today it is looking a little bit better slightly less red and angry but still plenty of little pimples

its not itchy

i am currently using "Surf with essential oils" as my detergent it doesnt say anything about dye free and its not fragrance free either.

i wash with dove triple moisturising body wash


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