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chapped lip and dry/flaky/itchy cheeks&eyebrow

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i don't know what i have, but i think it might be seborrheic dermatitis.

i've always had moderate acne since high school. i never went to see a derm, and used proactiv. freshman year in college, my acne was gone almost completely, but i think it's due to the fact that my face suddenly became completely dry (to the point where i couldn't wash my face because i needed the oil i naturally produced to keep it from dying out). i thought it was just because my face was dry due to going out late at night/having wind blown in my face etc and using proactiv together. after awhile, the dryness did get better, but my eyebrow and checkbone area was still itchy and dry. it continues to be itchy, dry and scaly. i do put extra lotion on those areas to keep it moist.

by junior year, i decided i no longer want to use proactiv. i've always known it's super bad/drying for your face, but it was all that worked for me and i was desperate. i stopped using it gradually, as i started to run out. i'm not sure if it was because i stopped using proactiv, but i suddenly broke out about 20 fold, even more than i had before, the worst ever. it continued for about 9 months to a year.

after the 9-12 month period, i started using murad, and my breakout started to die. my face started to clear up, but now i dealt with intense drying of skin, and my lip/mouth area started getting very dry. my cheeks also became intensely red and would sting, like i had a constant sunburn. i continued to use murad for a month or so because it cleared up my horrible breakout even though i had the dryness because of fear that it'll all come back. i'd put vaseline on my face day and night (literally, i took it where ever i went, even next to my bed so i can put it on in the middle of the night).

finally i couldn't take the sunburnt feeling on my cheeks and dryness around my lips (it started to bleed, and it itched. just too much pain and discomfort), so i decided to use a mild soap (amorepacific) that my sister used to clear up her face and cerave moisturizer. using the soap and discontinuing use of murad got my face moist again, and my face actually cleared up even more. however, my eyebrow and cheek area is still itchy and dry, and my lips are still chapped, although not as severe as before. i still do get minor breakouts here n there, but nothing as severe as before.

i started using dermadoctor calm cool&corrected on my eyebrows and cheeks. immediately, redness and dryness on my cheeks got better. lips i just put chapstick all the time. however, the itching doesn't seem go to away.

for those who've read this entire post, thank you for your patience. after all this, i just read in someone's post that the itching might be a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis. is that something i might have? i just assumed the redness, itching, and scaling is due to intense dryness. also, i'd like to mention i do have atopic dermatitis (just the itching, no scaling on body) for my body. i've had allergic itching when i was a child, but it went away and suddenly came back 2 years ago. this year, it has been the worst ever.

any advice would be greatly welcomed.

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so from what i read you're now just dealing with itchy skin (mostly your eyebrows and cheeks and body).

if you have no dry skin and you're still itchy it sounds like some kind of dermatitis.

have you seen your doctor? did you try any allergy pills when you were younger to stop the itch? because this is a chronic thing that sounds like an allergy it's probably a good idea to see a doctor.

scratching and itching your skin can cause infection and make things worse. not that i have to tell you but definitely don't itch. ice packs always work for me when my skin itches.

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Thank you for the reply! Sorry I'm replying so late. I had no idea someone had replied.

It's actually still dry AND itchy. I use Cerave lotion all over my face, and then put the Cerave cream over my cheeks or else they will become dry and flaky (including my eyebrow area).

I haven't seen a doctor about it because I thought it was just dryness. Lately, I've been so fed up with my skin, I'm trying to find a dermatologist in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills to calm down my acne, the itching, redness, and improve the scars. Unfortuantely, I have trust issues and find it difficult to choose a derm (especially since I'll need to shell out $$$).

I did want to share that DERMADOCTOR CALM COOL & CORRECTED is a great product, except for the fact that it's $85. That seems to be the most relieving, but I'm trying the Cerave cream to see if it might be a cheaper alternative.

So far, it does work better than just having lotion, but it doesn't really have the itch/burn/&REDNESS!! relief Dermadoctor has.

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