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Reoccuring cystic acne on face, back, and chest.

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I have quite a severe cystic acne problem on more or less my chin, DEAD CENTER ON NOSE, chest, and back. The rest I guess I can handle. Cystic is the worst though. I find myself untagging myself in way too many facebook photos because of outbreaks. My chest has been the worst lately. If I go out and drink one night, the next 2 weeks are HELL for my chest and face. That's honestly why I cut out alcohol. But i'm still seeing awful breakouts. I noticed that people who cut out red meat, dairy, and gluten do see results. WHAT KIND OF "HEALTHY" LIFESTYLE IS THAT? Ive been living a body building lifestyle recently because Ive been trying to gain muscle and stop being so scrawny. I'm 5"11 and weigh 185. Ive gained quite a bit of muslce, and I look 10000x better than I used to, and am in the best shape of my life. But guess what: Dairy, clean carbs (Gluten: rye, wheat), and red meat are staples of muscle building. There's no way I'm going back to that pale scrawny kid who ate less than 1500 calories a day. No way in hell.

Current Regimen:

Somewhat healthy diet. Give or take a few days.

Zinc 100mg a day.


Aloe Vera gel after morning shower.

Neosporin on cysts.

2.5% BP on smaller zits.

Facial Cleanser in morning shower and before bed.

Past Regimens:

Proactive: FAIL

Most facial cleansers on the market: FAIL

10% BP for long periods: FAIL

10% BP for short term: Somewhatpass then FAIL

Doxycycline for long periods: Works okay on cysts for a few weeks, then FAILURE ON ALL FRONTS

Minocycline: Better results on smaller acne. CYSTIC? NOPE. FAIL

My current regimen is keeping the smaller acne at bay. But these cysts on my nose and chest are REALLY killing me.

The one thing that REALLY helped me get rid of my acne for a month?: Ocean water->Tan->pool to rinse of the sand and salt. I went on vacation to martha's vineyard and it cleared up my acne considerably. Seeing that I live in New England. This might work for the month and a half we have with summer weather. The other 10 and a half months? HELL

So I would really love to hear some suggestions. I'm going to be 19 and need a fix for this. Acne has made me completely antisocial in the past. I don't want to relive that again.

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Ive had the same problem pretty much my whole teen life, im 18 btw so im still basically a teenager...ive been completely clear at times ( up to 6 months at times) but then like always i start to get one cyst develop on my cheek then they start appearing everywhere and it takes a good 3-4 months for them to clear up..i have tried every pretty much except accutane..

here are some suggestions that worked wonders for me

1) Diet, heavily..no food containing yeast, dairy, high sugar, gluten, drink tons and tons of water..start taking a boat load of supplements..Zinc, omega 3 fish oils capsules, chromium, multi-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, B 50 complex vitamins..start excercising everyday, try hard to keep stress on the minimum, dont think about the acne, just go on with your daily life, dont look at your face in the mirror (its just discouraging when you first start out)...its a long process but i did this my senior year in high school and towards the end of the year all my acne was completley gone for the whole summer and most of first semester freshman year in college..my acne came back because i completley stopped the regimen i was doing because its hard to always watch what you eat and do in college..Oh i almost forgot i was washing my face with just plain soap and water, i used bar soap..and every night i used Retin-A 0.04%

2) Get yourself on anti-biotics and strong facial creams to add in...a good anti-biotic is bactrim DM, also give the epiduo gel a try for the nights only and give the topic gel ziana a try for during the day..

good luck hope something works out for ya

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