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where did yours start ?

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where did your acne start ???

mine started on my forhead & then it all went downhill from there


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Moved to the Mild To Moderate Acne board.

Please read the board descriptions before posting. Each board has a little blurb under it explaining what the topic of that board is. Reading over them before posting should help you figure out which board your threads should be posted on.

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I think I got my first spot on my chin when I was 16.

It was quite the novelty at the time (ha!) and I picked the living crap out of it.

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I think around 13 or so but I didn't do anything about it until I was about 15, when it became more moderate. I used to breakout on my cheeks and forehead.

Now, at 21, I still have acne but it's much more contained. I cannot believe sometimes that it's been more than three years since I joined this site. haha.

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my acne started on my forehead just like you

when i was 10 i think

now it's basically everywhere

since i started breaking out early, does it mean it'll end early? haha

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On my cheeks when I was about 17. Then it spread to my nose and chin.

For the last 2 weeks though I've been on a new regimen and it's fading quickly. It's still fairly prevalent on my chin, but my cheeks are clearing up as well the around my nose.

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