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What am I doing wrong?!

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I apologize if I drag this on longer than it should. I'd appreciate it though if anyone can read it so they know what's going on.

Anyways, a couple of months ago, and after giving up my battle with acne and blackheads, I decided to go all out and try a regimen that I gathered together after reading a few success stories and praises for mandelic acid:


Dan's Cleanser

GoW Mandelic Acid 10% (No alcohol/seaweed)

-Wait 30 mins-

Green Cream 6

-Wait 30 mins-

DMAE Cream

Emu Oil


Dan's Cleanser

GoW Mandelic Acid 10% (No alcohol/seaweed)

CP Serum

When I first started the regimen, I noticed a slight, but very welcome improvement in my skin. It looked and felt like it was tighter and I didn't have as many blackheads on my nose. Fast forward almost two months now, and it all seems to be coming back.

The acne I have is very mild and aside from a few inflamed zits every few days or so, the majority of it is non-inflammatory and small. However, the clogged pores I have can be very numerous at times and even makes me wonder what the hell is going on. It sometimes gives me the impression that these products aren't helping at all. It's hard to describe, but I get a ton of these little white, clogged pores in my skin. Most of them aren't raised or anything and they can be hard to spot until you look up-close, but the amount of gunk that comes out of them is creepy sometimes.

I get them around my mouth, between my eyebrows, under my eyebrows, on my nose, and on the sides of my nose under my eyes. Almost ALL of the pores on my nose are always clogged and appear large so now I'm very worried that they'll always either remain large since I've been squeezing the stuff out or they'll constantly be clogged up because of it.

So my question is; what could possibly be going on? Do I need to completely change my diet? Stop being a nightowl? Wash my pillow case every day? Exfoliate or shave everyday? Will I really have to suffer through this for the rest of my life? It's just so frustrating to be the oldest one in my group of friends, 6 years now after high school, having to spend $200+ dollars on acne treatments while the rest of them all have the same habits I do except they have clear skin.

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My first suggestion would be to consider cutting down on your use of topical applications! It seems like you're pretty much assaulting your skin daily with the variety of chems you've listed, unless your skin is very resilient.

Have you tried an exfoliant? I know Neutrogena makes a salicylic acid-based scrub with "micro beads" or whatever in it. I think using this in the shower prior to applying your regular topical treatments would help you to get at those blackheads and clogged pores.

I know you've probably read it a million times here and you may have already tried it unsuccessfully, but BP really does work to fight blackheads for me.

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Yep, cut down the topicals, start using a toner with SA in the clogged areas ONLY and the right soap.

There are moisturizer with SA too (use a little).

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GOW did nothing for me, neither did Paula's Choice. Both were recommened on here and I gave them both a good shot, using abount 2 months supply each.

Sounds like you have permanently large pores, they will get filled up with white stuff.. its just excess dead skin, sebum etc.

Pore strips are a good way of finding out the kind of pores you have, because I have seen dozens of pictures online of pore strips once they have been used, people have different shaped pores. Mine of are big and circular tubular shaped, whereas others have deep spiked shaped pores, some just have plain old tiny pores.

My case is pretty severe so maybe thats why it didn't work for me.

But two months is a decent try, I wouldn't buy any more because unless you can really afford it, or have the patience to try it for longer...

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