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New here and need help concerning retin a micro

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So I started using retin a micro in im thinking January.

I got the initial break out, a bit of peeling, lots of flakiness. Red red skin.

Used it rather consistantly, got the Initial break out and really dry skin. it seemedto be clearing up a bit.

Then I neglected my Retin a for a month or so.

started back up again around april, havemissed some nights but have mainly been consistant

still lots of flakey spots. but only around the nose,cheek and chin area.

no peeling.

no break outs unless I stay out allnight and crash without taking my make up off. nothing is clearing up anymore. I have mostly white heads and black heads and it seemes that the majority of stuff that cleared were the normal red blemishes, still lots of white/black heads. what should I do? some parts o my face the skin looks good and my skin does not seem as dull as it was before but it had been awhile and i still have acne, large pores and laking/ redness in some areas.

should I switch to retin a?

a higher dose of retin a micro?

or something entirely different?

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Keep up with the retin-a micro you have if the majority is cleared up like you say. As for another punch, try incorporating alpha hydroxy acid during the day a couple of times a week. I use Dan's and love the consistency, but there are other products you can get from the drug store that work just as well. Make sure to moisturize with spf.

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